The 2015 Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest winner has been revealed. The winner?

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Photo Credit: Lay’s

Hailey Green of Noblesville, Indiana will be taking home $1,000,000 or 1% of sales of the Southern Biscuits and Gravy chips through July 15, 2016 – whichever is higher. Basically, she will be winning $1,000,000 because we never follow through on anything and we probably won’t buy her chip. You should though – they’re quite delicious. The creators of the other finalists – Greektown Gyro, West Coast Truffle Fries, and New York Reuben, will each be taking home $50,000.

We reviewed all four Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest finalists back in July in one of our very first reviews on the site. Nobody read it and nobody cared, but we rated Southern Biscuits and Gravy an 8 out of 10 – higher than all its competitors. Since we nailed it, nobody can disagree with anything we say for at least a week.

We also reviewed all four Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest finalists for the Canadian version of the contest, and predicted that BBQ Baked Beans would win. Let’s see if we can make it 2-for-2 when the winner is revealed soon.

Congratulations to Hailey Green for being the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest winner! She was one of our first Instagram followers and has ignored us ever since.

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