Because life is too short to not turn Oreos into churros, J&J Snack Foods Corporation announced today that it has turned Oreos into churros.


The Oreo Churros are made from real Oreo Cookie pieces with a creme filling inside (duh). According to the press release, line extensions include both 10″ churros and bite-sized versions, so you can choose how to pace yourself while you are stuffing 5 pounds of Oreo Churros into your face. Oreo Churros have the potential to be the last product we purchase before we die.

J&J Snack Foods Corporation has stated that the full-sized churros will be sold nationwide in the foodservice channel (whatever that means) and that the bite-sized versions will be available nationwide at retail stores in the frozen dessert section. Because this wasn’t enough, J&J Snack Foods has also designed an Oreo cookie crumb/sugar topping for you to roll your Oreo Churros in after heating.  Read: Put on some pants right now and go look for Oreo Churros.

Best of luck in your searches,
– Junk Banter

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