Let it be known upfront… we’re big fans of coconut at Junk Banter. Toasted Coconut Oreos might be our personal favorites of all-time, and we know a thing or two about Oreos. Since we also know a thing or two about getting drunk, I’m very excited to try Oskar Blues Death by Coconut despite the fact that it’s threatening to murder me.


Though I have to admit, the name made me LOL when I saw it in store. If you’ve been paying attention to the blog, my cause of death is going to be due to far worse things than the coconut.  If I could survive 3 months of nothing but pumpkin spice, I think I can handle one coconut beer. Anyway, Oskar Blues Death by Coconut has just received nationwide release after a limited, local run back in 2014.

For the unfamiliar, Oskar Blues is a brewery originally out of Longmont, Colorado. They’re pioneers in craft beer canning in the U.S. They began this art as early as 2002, and have only released their beers in cans and kegs since; not a bottle to be found. Oskar Blues’ first release was Dale’s Pale Ale, a hugely-hopped American Pale Ale which is still their flagship today.

So what’s so great about canning craft beer instead of releasing in bottles? In theory, everything. The cans are more portable for outdoor consumption, they keep the beer fresh by protecting against light and oxygen, and they’re more environmentally friendly. If you’ve had any reservations about drinking quality beer out of a can before now, rest assured that the engineering in this day and age is sound. With all that out of the way, let’s drink some coconut beer out of a can since canned coconut milk isn’t going to get us drunk any time soon.


Oskar Blues Death by Coconut bills itself as a Coconut-Chocolate Irish Porter. It smells like I just stepped into the Mounds Bar factory – coconut first because I was expecting it, but an equal amount of dark chocolate nodes. My first sip delivers everything I was promised except death… a huge dose of coconut and some bitter cocoa. The flavor profile of Oskar Blues Death by Coconut also includes plenty of delicious, roasted malts that have me thinking about Toasted Coconut Oreos. Why does everything make me think about food? Oh, right. Fat.


One of the things I like most about this porter is its mouthfeel. It’s velvety smooth with a creamy, medium body. It finishes dry and the coconut flavor lingers throughout the finish. Criticisms – There is a mild carbonation to it which I could personally do without. Especially as it warmed, it started to take on a little bit a cola element. Flat coconut cola isn’t the most appetizing description, but it’s the best way I can describe it. I knew I should have chugged it. And while I enjoy my porters with a little more booze to them (this runs a 6.5% ABV), Oskar Blues Death by Coconut is still a damn tasty porter that any coconut lover should try. If you’re a fan of this blog (you’re not), you must like your food and drink with a little special flavor to them, and this porter fits the bill. If you’re not 21 and you just came here to read Peeps reviews, you shouldn’t have read any of this and just forget I said anything. Don’t ever start drinking.

Attempted Murder Rating: 2.5 to Life out of 10
Roasted and Toasted Rating: 8 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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