REVIEW: Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry Cereal


Kellogg's JIF PB&J Cereal

Do you realize what we might have on our hands with Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry Cereal? Do you fully understand the potential here? Let me break it down for you.

You know Peanut Butter Crunch and Crunch Berries are incredible because most of your childhood was spent trying to decide which of the two to eat on a daily basis. With Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry Cereal, we might have the best of both worlds. OOPS I MADE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY. 



Ok, let me calm down for a second. After all, I’ve tried Kellogg’s JIF Peanut Butter cereal and was so bored that I can barely remember it. For something that carried the JIF branding, it didn’t have the rich peanut butter flavor I was expecting. But I’m still going in with high hopes for this Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry Cereal. The combo of peanut butter & jelly at breakfast is just too fun to not be excited. And opening the box increases my excitement because this legit smells like the inside of a 4th grade lunchbox. I feel like I’m that chunky kid in the elementary school cafeteria sniffing his PB&J sandwich at a table all by himself – a feeling I haven’t had since elementary school when I was the chunky kid sniffing my PB&J sandwich at a table all by myself.

Kellogg's JIF PB&J Cereal

Let’s start with the peanut butter pieces in Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry cereal. Though they have a huge roasted peanut butter aroma (like, really huge), the flavor is much more subtle. It’s definitely peanutty and genuine, but a lot of this flavor is muted behind the floury taste of the corn cereal. They’re not very sweet, either – so Cap’n Crunch can let out a huge sigh of relief with his peanut butter breath because my favorite peanut butter cereal still belongs to he. This peanut butter flavor does increase as you continue to pick out only these pieces and blog about it to a bunch of people who are in desperate need of better website recommendations. Overall, I’m not exactly wowed by the peanut butter pieces, nor am I heartbroken over them.

What I am insanely wowed by are the strawberry puffs in Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry cereal. I can say with confidence that they are superior to Crunch Berries. They’re sweet, fruity, crispy, and perfect. They even carry that little bit of tart that lies beneath the predominant sweetness in an actual strawberry. Alright guys, my excitement is back. Now let’s put it altogether and see if I’ll JIF my pants.

Kellogg's JIF PB&J Cereal

Game-changing! The sweet strawberry puffs still do the heavy lifting for the PB&J combo, but they help fill in the gaps that were missing from the peanut butter pieces. Alone, the peanut butter pieces had a deep, earthy, roasted peanut flavor that was just missing the sweetness of JIF peanut butter. Our jelly puffs sweeten each mouthful, and your mind and taste buds basically play connect the dots to finish out the peanut butter. The floury corn cereal delivers that bready vibe to make the fruity strawberry flavor stand out more like a “strawberry jelly” flavor. The cereal holds up its crunchy texture very well in milk. This works well because, if you did it right as a kid, you ate your PB&J sandwich with crunchy peanut butter and washed it down with a tall glass of milk. That sweet lactose makes the PB&J experience taste even better.

Bottom Line: Kellogg’s JIF PB&J Strawberry cereal is a whimsical bowl of nostalgia that everyone should experience, though diehard peanut butter enthusiasts might feel a tad cheated.

Takes You Back to Elementary School Rating: 8.5 out of 10
How Many People Sat With Me During Lunch Period Rating: 0 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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