Ok, time to come back down to Earth. Not every review can be cookies, cakes, and donuts. We just book-ended two Oreo reviews with two churro reviews, and even one of the churros were flavored with Oreos. There is no way we could continue at this current pace without significant degradation of our health (read: death), which would mean less reviews for you guys. Frankly, we may have already lost Drunk Female if her latest selfie is any indication. But I have a plan of attack to keep the Grim Reaper at bay. Probiotics fix everything, so one container of the new Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple should remedy 48 Oreos and 20 Churros.

Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple

This new Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple is one of two yogurt varieties that Chobani has released with savory and spicy mix-ins – the other being Chobani Flip Sriracha Mango. On the surface, this does feel a little like a PR move. But I believe there is something far greater in play here.he move appears to be a concerted effort by Chobani to reposition yogurt in the minds of consumers as something you might want to snack on at any point during the day. As someone who is literally snacking at every point during the day and as I write this paragraph, I can state with confidence that my mind never thinks to eat yogurt if it’s after 12:00 P.M. Those are prime Oreo hours. But between the spices and mix-ins for the new Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple, this does have me thinking it could pass as mid-afternoon or an early-evening snack.

Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple is made with pineapple low-fat yogurt, chipotle granola, smoked almonds, and pumpkin seeds. Pineapple yogurt is nothing new to me and I’ll add granola to my yogurt 100% of the time, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a spicy granola in my life! And trust me… it’s a rare day when something comes out that I haven’t eaten in some way, shape, or form before. Heck, I’ve even grilled my own pineapple and added spices including chipotle powder before. This isn’t entirely new territory for someone like me who spends all of his free time trying to discover the next big flavor combination (I once put mustard on a pancake). But to the average consumer, Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple

Now I should pause and discuss how much I enjoy Chobani’s Pineapple yogurt. Imagine a really ripe pineapple juiced to perfection and poured into a solid Greek yogurt. It’s naturally sweet with that little bit of tart layered underneath the predomiant sweetness – something that every quality pineapple should have. There’s nothing artificial about this flavor. The yogurt’s a little runny, but this isn’t shocking considering there’s blended pineapple in here and those things juice like crazy. You’ll be greeted to some delicious chunks of pineapple, too. But you nor I bought Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple for the pineapple, so let’s flip this bitch.

Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple

Nailed it.

Ok. I just had my first spoonful of everything together. The heat level is minimal here. I feel a feeble tickle in the back of my throat, but I ain’t laughin. The spice that’s there doesn’t come across distinctly as chipotle – just mild and generic pepper. The flavor I’m getting the most in each bite of Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple is the pumpkin seeds, of all things. Now I love pumpkin seeds so this tastes fine to me, but it’s not supposed to be a feature flavor. I also get plenty of typical granola flavor with the occasional smokiness of the almond when you get a big piece of one. Notice how I have yet to mention pineapple? The savory flavors here totally mute it. This can be remedied through judicious spooning of yogurt-to-mix-in ratios, but I am a big proponent of symmetry and made sure each spoonful had an equal amount of toppings until everything was gone simultaneously. It was a little disappointing.

Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple is definitely the more boring version of the two new spicy flavor varieties. Chobani Flip Sriracha Mango had enough sriracha in each bite to be fun and different – I was begging for more chipotle flavor from this one. I’m giving this a score somewhere in the middle because it didn’t taste like anything new to me. It was a fruity yogurt with enough savory toppings that were underwhelming in their individual flavors and combined to mask the best element in the container – the pineapple yogurt. I think there is potential in what Chobani is trying to do here, but they may have played it too safely in the execution. I don’t play anything safely.

Chipotle Heat Rating: 1.5 out of 10
Chipotle Burritos Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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3 Responses

  1. Wendelin Letman says:

    Can’t find the pineapple Chipotle flip any where, I loved it.

  2. Anaerin says:

    I am reminded very much of the UK brand Müller’s “Corner” series (which have been going since the late 80’s, at least in the UK), including “Crunch”, “Fruit” and “Greek”. They too have this “segregated topping for you to mix in at serving time” strategy like this, and they are usually very enjoyable. I’ll be looking out for these.

    • Junk Male says:

      Unfortunately these didn’t sell well and were pulled from the market. Haven’t seen them in a long time! We have lots of other flavors in the segregated cups, but no more spicy yogurt by Chobani.