The Northeast is being absolutely obliterated with snow as I write this, so it’s time to reach for the hot cocoa. But not just any hot cocoa… tonight I’m going to review huge hot cocoa balls!


My goodness, the size of this tub. Herr’s Crunchy Cocoa & Marshmallow Flavored Corn Snacks are a playful variation of the Cheese Balls that each and every one of us grew up eating. Relax… there is no cheese in Herr’s Crunchy Cocoa & Marshmallow Flavored Corn Snacks, though that certainly wouldn’t have stopped me from purchasing them. These are meant to be a sweet & crunchy snack inspired by the hot cocoa beverage that is aggressively attacking our junk food cabinets this winter. This isn’t the first time Herr’s has gone the sweet route on their snack balls before, having previously released Herr’s Sweet & Crunchy Cotton Candy Balls. I regret not finding those every single day of my life.


Let’s dive right in and shove some balls into our mouths (I can go all day, people) ((That’s what she said)). Herr’s Crunchy Cocoa & Marshmallow Corn Snacks are flavored with corn meal & cocoa powder. This might as well be the entire review, because that’s all these taste like. Corn puffs with cocoa powder. They do not taste like Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow. They’re just a ludicrously sized version of Cocoa Puffs cereal by General Mills.

Herr’s Crunchy Cocoa & Marshmallow Flavored Corn Snacks chew exactly like cheese balls do, which is to say they are airy, light, and crunchy. They’re sweet, but not too sweet. There is actually some balance here. They’re not really salty, though, so hot cocoa isn’t represented well. Again, these are just Cocoa Puffs. But you know what? I’m kind of enjoying them. Giant Cocoa Puffs out of a tub isn’t sophisticated snacking, but it sure is easy snacking… especially useful when you can’t leave the house for the next 48 hours because of the two feet of snow in the forecast.

Bottom Line: Herr’s Crunchy Cocoa & Marshmallow Flavored Corn Snacks are a fun novelty purchase that are probably designed to appeal to kids. They won’t be disappointed with them. Full-grown adults with junk food blogs will be disappointed that they tossed “marshmallow” into the description because there’s no way marshmallow comes through. I don’t even think they tried. These taste so much like Cocoa Puffs that I’m tempted to try them in milk. So I will! I’m just going to need a much larger bowl.


This was fine. Whatever. Cocoa Puffs. I ate half the bowl, got a stomach ache, and dumped the rest.

How Much Money I Wasted For This Review Rating: 4.50 out of 10
How Much Money I’ve Wasted For This Blog Rating: 🙁 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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