5 Responses

  1. Marc Paolantonio says:

    Seems like a weak effort Mars. Come on, learn from Oreo’s and do something creative.
    I do agree that calling things Easter is a curse and a blessing for promotion reasons. While at it for Lent, make a fish flavored M and M for me to have on Fridays?

    • Junk Male says:

      A few years ago, Mars did Carrot Cake M&M’s which were really stellar! That should be a forever spring/Easter addition. You are basically suggesting Mars takes marketing lessons from McDonald’s, since the only time in my life I will even consider eating a Filet-O-Fish is Lent.

      • Marc P says:

        Not ashamed to say I freaking love filet o fish and lent just gets me the good deals!!
        Also a big fan of the carrot m&m’s. Definite winner. Agreed.

  2. Cur says:

    Sorry for disturbing, where can i find this product ?

    • Junk Male says:

      No disturbance! These M&M’s are a Walmart exclusive. They should be at most Walmarts, but I’ve been to some that haven’t stocked them yet or may not at all. Check the seasonal section – it’s sometimes in a very different location than the normal candy aisle.