REVIEW: Easter Sundae M&M’s

Chocolate. Ice Cream. The Lord Jesus Christ. What do these three things all have in common? Nothing. Introducing Easter Sundae M&M’s!

Easter Sundae M&M's

Easter Sundae M&M’s

You wanna talk about a gimmick? Easter Sundae M&M’s are the very definition. The Red M&M (full name “Red“) is holding an ice cream sundae on the front of the package of the new Easter Sundae M&M’s, complete with vanilla and chocolate ice creams, whipped cream, sprinkles, and the ever-so-important cherry on top. Great… I like ice cream. But I’ve never once associated it with Easter. It’s like… the one day a year that I don’t eat ice cream (because I’m too busy eating chocolate bunnies and carrot cake and Peeps). This one seems like a stretch…

Which brings me to my second reservation – the inclusion of the holiday altogether. I always have to dish props for a solid pun game, but does including the holiday in the name of these Easter Sundae M&M’s alienate those who celebrate other religions or none at all? Isn’t that how food + religions work? I always assumed if I ate a matzah that I wouldn’t get anything for Christmas, so Easter Sundae M&M’s may push some away.

But the biggest question – my biggest doubt – is how exactly one captures the subtle nuances of ice cream in a chocolate candy that already tastes like the most popular flavor of it? It’ll be an uphill battle, but let’s see if Mars can shut me up. Somebody has to.

Easter Sundae M&M's

Easter Sundae M&M’s are of the layered-variety, something we recently saw with the Hot Chocolate M&M’s that featured both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Easter Sundae M&M’s are described as “white center surrounded by milk chocolate.” White chocolate is the first ingredient listed, so it would appear the ratios favor the white center in terms of quantity. White chocolate usually features vanilla as an additive, which will hopefully tie into the vanilla ice cream piece of the sundae puzzle. I do respect the choice to prominently favor the vanilla component over the chocolate to give these a little more character than the traditional chocolate M&M. But seriously… this is just white chocolate and milk chocolate. There appears to be no attempt at the toppings to your ice cream sundae unless Mars is being really sneaky about it.

Easter Sundae M&M's

And they’re not, for Easter Sundae M&M’s taste exactly like chocolate blended with vanilla. Here’s where I’ll give Mars their due: Easter Sundae M&M’s taste neither like plain milk chocolate M&M’s nor any of their white chocolate varieties. It may take a seasoned M&M fatass like myself who has tried their full spectrum of flavors to pick apart some of these differences, but they’re there. The cocoa from the milk chocolate moderates the much-sweeter white chocolate. But this milk chocolate, as is often the case with M&M’s milk chocolate, has a certain way of overpowering some of the finer qualities of the white chocolate center. It’s neither a good thing nor a bad thing… it’s just kind of a thing.

Easter Sundae M&M's

Do Easter Sundae M&M’s taste like ice cream? No, I don’t think so. They aren’t any creamier or any richer than any milk chocolate or white chocolate M&M variety. But for what it’s worth, they feature a pleasant-enough balance between the chocolate and the vanilla. In recent years, all of our white chocolate M&M’s have held whacky flavors like peppermint and candy corn and carrot cake, which are strong flavors. Easter Sundae M&M’s at least allow the vanilla inherent to white chocolate to become a feature act alongside the milk chocolate; something they’ve never done before. But are they Sundae Fundae? No; only in the sense that they’re mostly forgettable, because I have mostly forgotten every Sunday Funday I’ve ever lived. Bottomless mimosas are dangerous.

Bottomless Mimosas Rating: 9 out of 10
Cherry On Top Rating: 0 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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5 Responses

  1. Marc Paolantonio says:

    Seems like a weak effort Mars. Come on, learn from Oreo’s and do something creative.
    I do agree that calling things Easter is a curse and a blessing for promotion reasons. While at it for Lent, make a fish flavored M and M for me to have on Fridays?

    • Junk Male says:

      A few years ago, Mars did Carrot Cake M&M’s which were really stellar! That should be a forever spring/Easter addition. You are basically suggesting Mars takes marketing lessons from McDonald’s, since the only time in my life I will even consider eating a Filet-O-Fish is Lent.

      • Marc P says:

        Not ashamed to say I freaking love filet o fish and lent just gets me the good deals!!
        Also a big fan of the carrot m&m’s. Definite winner. Agreed.

  2. Cur says:

    Sorry for disturbing, where can i find this product ?

    • Junk Male says:

      No disturbance! These M&M’s are a Walmart exclusive. They should be at most Walmarts, but I’ve been to some that haven’t stocked them yet or may not at all. Check the seasonal section – it’s sometimes in a very different location than the normal candy aisle.