Cheese & Chocolate – a pairing so inspired that it’s reserved for the fanciest kind of individuals. For example, the French… or the type of person that will only opt for Cheez Its and never settle for the far inferior Cheese Nips. If you think that you’re worthy of this type of elegance, feast your fancy eyes on this new Cheez It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix!

Cheese It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

Avert your eyes if you are a garbage human.

Amongst other things, Cheez It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix pairs the finest quality of cheese known to man and woman (Cheez Its) with the most premium chocolate ever crafted (M&M’s). I know it might sound gross, but we must enter with an open mind. Besides, sweet & salty snack mixes have consistently proven to be a pairing that everybody can get behind. Cheez It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix combines Cheez Itz, pretzels, caramel popcorn, corn chex, and milk chocolate M&M’s. Personally, I don’t have a problem with any of this.

Cheese It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

None at all

Per protocol, let me briefly review the quality of each component in Cheez It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix:

Cheez Its: Spoiler Alert: Cheez Its are my favorite junk food not named Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch of all time. They are a 9.5 out of 10, only because the marginally-better Extra Toasty Cheez Its are a 10 out of 10. I don’t care if you disagree. Cheeze Its are super crunchy, perfectly salty, kind-of cheese flavored snack crackers that I can and will eat until I’m dead.

Pretzels: Though we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel here, these pretzels are better than average. They are extra crispy, adequately salted, and have a little bit of a butter snap pretzel flavor (these guys). The small, compact braided pretzels sometimes catch a great deal of the “sweet” seasoning (mostly just crystallized sugar) which give these a little pretzels a little bit of something special. It works. The pretzel sticks have a tough time holding onto the seasoning.

Caramel Popcorn: Cracker-Jack quality popcorn, maybe a tad better. The popcorn is glazed to a crisp, and it’s got right balance of artificial caramel flavor and straight butter flavor. No complaints here. Pairing this one with the mini M&M’s was a real treat.

Corn Chex: Believe it or not, this was my favorite part of the mix. It’s the one that captures both the sweet & the salty together the best. You know what these taste like? Like Honey Nut Chex and Vanilla Chex had a child, and you ate it. Would dominate an entire bag of this alone.

M&M’s: They’re small M&M’s. They’re good, because they’re M&M’s. The only complaint is there aren’t enough of them, and they’re miniature. These will sink to the bottom of the bag, so you might want to pour this into a shallow bowl.


Eating it altogether by the handful, Cheez It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix doesn’t have an extra wow factor nor is it off-putting by any means. I specifically tried pairing as many M&M’s as I could find with as many Cheez Itz I could find just to see if it was gross, and it wasn’t. It wasn’t special, either.

Each piece in the Cheez It Sweet & Salty Snack Mix puzzle is of fine quality and offers something slightly different than its brothers. This is the kind of snack mix you should just enjoy by picking out the various components, whatever you’re in the mood for, and then bouncing between them. No component was half-assed. There are more Cheez Itz than anything else, and this is a glorious thing for people like me who swears by the Cheez It. The seasoned corn chex is something extraordinary in and of itself. The addition of chocolate might sound weird, but who is going to complain about chocolate ever? I’ve already finished two boxes of this stuff, and I rarely rebuy.

“Say Cheese!” Rating: 8 out of 10
Ew There’s Chocolate In Your Teeth Rating: 4 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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