(UPDATE: Read our Review of S’mores Crispy M&M’s!)

Sick and tired of me sending them Snaps of my diary, Mars has finally gotten their shit together and released S’mores Crispy M&M’s.

S'mores Crispy M&M's

S’mores Crispy M&M’s

“Haha, Junk Banter… April Fools Day was four days ago, ya stupid idiot.” Not so fast. S’mores Crispy M&M’s are definitely real; this is for certain. My new best friend sent in a photo of S’mores Crispy M&M’s that she found at Cub Foods in Minnesota. WTF IS A CUB FOODS? Not wanting to fall for another hoax, I literally tracked her progress from point of sale to her home, requesting photos along the way like a crazy person. Here’s another photo of S’mores Crispy M&M’s, and their ingredients:

S'mores Crispy M&M's

S’mores Crispy M&M’s

S'mores Crispy M&M's

Not Listed: Love, Hope, America.

What We Know About S’mores Crispy M&M’s: They are Crispy and they are S’mores-y. We cannot confirm if they’re limited edition or permanent, as M&M packages never indicate. But I suspect they are indeed permanent (more on that in a bit). I also suspect they are not an exclusive flavor, as nobody has ever heard of Cub Foods except my friend Nicole. To my recollection, these are the first flavored Crispy M&M’s to exist. It took us a damn near decade of complaining to get Crispy M&M’s back on shelves after their discontinuation in 2005. We got them back, but nobody was expecting THIS. We’ve seen Mars have some success with a chocolate-marshmallow combination with last year’s Hot Chocolate M&M’s, so some additional graham flavoring and the crispy center to mimic a graham cracker crunch could be a hit. Or a colossal disappointment. It doesn’t matter. S’mores Crispy M&M’s are here!

So why do I suspect these are permanent? A recent listing by CandyWarehouse.com shows a photograph of the Harvest Blend version of these S’mores Crispy M&M’s with a target release date of July 15, 2016. We are guaranteed at least two seasons of them, which likely means they are here to stay. That would all but confirm that these aren’t exclusive, so some safe bets include retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Nicole’s house. You may safely begin your search.

Nicole, please let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the S’mores Crispy M&M’s since you are the only person on the planet who owns them.

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5 Responses

  1. Marc P says:

    For all that is holy, this is tremendous….
    — Smoreaholic

  2. Anonymous says:

    These look and seem nice. I want to try them.
    Also, here’s another Halloween candy confirmed for 2016 (I got the image from Ferrara Candy’s website):

    • Junk Male says:

      Excellent find, Anonymous!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I think I am interested in trying the blue/green or purple/yellow one. I don’t know what the black tastes like, I hope it’s not licorice, since sour and licorice dont go well together… I think it will be blackberry or black cherry.

        My flavor guesses for these
        Blue/green – Blueberry-Lime
        Black/orange – Black cherry-Orange
        Purple/yellow – Berry punch-Lemon

        I think a blog post announcing these could let other people know about my find…