After blogging about food for the last ten months, I know a thing or two about rolls (for example, that I have acquired many of them on my midsection). But other than the cinnamon roll, my background in the “sweet roll” game doesn’t run too deep. In fact, I didn’t even know that “sweet roll” was a term until I saw these Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls. It’s a fairly widely used culinary term, so I don’t know where the heck I’ve been. I’m telling you guys – you barely need to know anything about food to run a food blog.

Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls

Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls

Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls are one of the company’s 2016 Spring Edition offerings that also includes Peach Cobbler Mini Donuts, Strawberry Mini DonutsStrawberry Kandy Kakes, and Lemon Kandy Kakes. Sweet roll dough uses more eggs and yeast compared to regular bread dough. It also has higher sugars and fats, so I feel like it understands me already. Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls are both naturally and artificially flavored, and cherries are indeed one of the ingredients. Any time you have an opportunity to get more fruit into your diet, you must take advantage – no matter how many doughnuts and candy bars and sweet rolls you have to eat.

Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls

Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls come six in a pack and have a sheet of shiny, gelatinous icing slathered across all six. The aesthetic of the sweet rolls isn’t a great one on the surface – especially as that weird icing blanket starts to sweat (again, this product really gets me). Because there are giant globs of icing between each one, I sampled some of the extra goop on its own. Disappointing. Bummer that the icing isn’t flavored with cherries, and bummer that it’s not big on flavor altogether. The icing isn’t overly sweet, to its credit. Its primary purposes is to add calories and slightly sweeten the finished product, but why not flavor this icing with cherry as well?

Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls

Once you get down in the weeds, Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls are more visually pleasing. We have a nice cherry swirl to get down with here, and get down we shall. Once again, the swirl is very mild on flavor with regards to the cherry. The flavor is extremely subtle but what’s there is pleasant enough. Meh, though. This swirl isn’t syrupy or thick like something of a cherry pie filling – it just looks and acts like dyed bread for the most part.

When I took a big bite of everything altogether, I got what they were going for and I started to appreciate it a bit more. The faintest bit of tart meets the mildly sweet icing and this adds a unique flavor to the sweet roll itself. The bread part is kind of like a lesser quality Hawaiian sweet bread dinner roll, though the texture isn’t as fluffy. The bread is of honorable quality for a boxed snack cake at this price point. As much as it defies all the logic in the world, I still enjoyed these more than homemade Pillsbury S’mores Rolls. Incredible, ain’t it? But Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls could have been so much more.

In summary, needs more cherry. Flavor the icing with cherries. Add more cherry swirl. Figure out icing that isn’t a sheet of Jello. Then we’ll be onto something.

How Hard It Is For Me To Roll Out of a Bed These Days Rating: 10 out of 10
How Many Rolls of Pure Fat I’ve Amassed Since Last Summer Rating: 4 out of 10
Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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  1. jwoolman says:

    Of course you can count it as a serving of fruit. I once had French fried white potatoes, sweet potato fries, battered green beans, and ketchup in a meal and counted it as 4 servings of vegetables…