Does anyone even care about sriracha anymore? Did anyone ever care about Triscuits? Too bad! These Sriracha Triscuits come in a pretty cool box, so I’m going to eat them.

Nabisco Sriracha Triscuit

Let’s get this over with.

These are probably going to be really good; I just don’t carrreee. Being s’mores’d and pumpkin spiced to death is one thing. Cram it all into a short seasonal window annually, and give me 9 months to miss it again. But the treatment we’ve gotten from sriracha is quite a bit different.

For what feels like the last 5+ years, we’ve been gradually and pain-stakingly sriracha’d to death – a slow burn like the one offered by the condiment itself. It was really exciting at first, but it seems like a new sriracha product bursts onto the scene every 6 months. Every time I think we’re over it, a new sriracha product is announced with more fanfare than warranted. Sriracha Triscuits are the latest late-arrivals to the party, and I’m the latest food-blogger whose late to review them.

Nabisco Sriracha Triscuit


Ranting over. I promise I’m going to give Nabisco Srircha Triscuits the fair and honest review that they don’t even deserve because NOBODY CARES, WHY WEREN’T YOU RELEASED 4 YEARS AGO?! But truthful expectations – I expect the ingredients used in the sriracha condiment to pair nicely with the iconic wheat cracker. The sriracha ingredients used here are red bell pepper powder, sugar, garlic powder, spices, and vinegar powder. Now let’s eat some probably-great crackers that I don’t give a shit about.

Nabisco Sriracha Triscuit


Yup. These are great. Whoopity-doo! Imagine the flavor of the rooster-version of sriracha on a Triscuit. Now remove most of the heat. That’s exactly what Sriracha Triscuits are – a tasty blend of flavors and spices from the classic Thai condiment. There was a certain sequence to the flavors. The bite leads heavily with garlic powder seasoning, then normal Triscuit wheat, then some not-at-all-hot peppers. The aftertaste is acidic like vinegar, but all of the aforementioned flavors seem to congregate by the time you’re done chewing. This aftertaste is pleasant, and the lack of heat made me ready to dive back in for more. But I didn’t care to, only because I don’t care about these no matter how good they taste. You may.

One thing worth mentioning that other food bloggers have also noted is the quality control. Some Sriracha Triscuits are heavily seasoned, while others are only lightly seasoned. The ones that are heavily seasoned are the perfect ones; it’s not an overpowering flavor no matter how much seasoning is used. The ones that are lightly seasoned aren’t worth the 20 calories per cracker, unless you just love regular Triscuits. In my box, more Triscuits had heavy-dosages of seasoning than total duds, but it’s worth mentioning.

In summary, Sriracha Triscuits are great but I don’t care.

How Much I Care About Sriracha Rating: 2 out of 10
How Much Anyone Cares What I Think Rating: 1 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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