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  1. Marc P says:

    One bag… good luck!
    I’ve gotten to borderline one box in a sitting. Damn birthday cake flavored little bites.

  2. Junk Banter says:

    Are the birthday cake flavored Lil Bites that good? I honestly haven’t bothered with them because I assumed they weren’t. But after my last few seasonals in this line, I might be encouraged to.

  3. Marc P says:

    they were to “me”. My wife and 4 year old didn’t quite like but my 2 year old was on my team!

  4. shangen010 says:

    Oh god, I had the chocolate chip ones and felt soooo dissapointed that there were only four in a bag. Now I want these, but even then the four makes me sad ;_; maybe one day I’ll be able to stuff myself like a turkey with these delicious lookin mini-muffins

  5. I just tried these smores little bites & they are delicious. I am looking to buy more but I’m gonna end up making them myself. I love muffins! I love cupcakes just as much!