REVIEW: Blue Bunny S’more Please Ice Cream

The Turkey Hill Campfire S’mores left me wanting more s’mores, so I went out and bought… some more.

Were you expecting a pun? Sorry, I used them all up this winter. But now I’m ready to eat s’mores ice cream until I’m blue in the face.

Blue Bunny S'more Please Ice Cream

Somebody kill me.

Blue Bunny S’more Please ice cream is the latest in the s’mores ice cream gauntlet I’m apparently engaged in. Blue Bunny is a brand that I neglected until the Blue Bunny Holi-Doodle Christmas Cookie Ice Cream showed me the true meaning of Christmas: getting fat as quickly as possible off sugar. The next-level shit they pulled off as a non-premium brand earned them a lot of trust in my quickly-swelling eyes, so I enter with optimism that Blue Bunny S’more Please can pull off the s’mores flavor that companies have struggled to nail down.

Blue Bunny S’more Please ice cream features a graham flavored base, mirroring what Turkey Hill did. It features two separate swirls, one of marshmallow and one of graham. Turkey Hill combined the two swirls into a single graham-marshmallow swirl, but theirs was predominantly graham to the taste buds. Finally, Blue Bunny S’more Please features simply chocolate flavored chunks instead of the chocolate-covered graham crackers. The formulas are close enough that a direct comparison is in order.

Blue Bunny S'more Please Ice Cream

Blue Bunny S’more Please Ice Cream

Removing the lid reveals some glaring differences between the two. The Blue Bunny iteration has a large marshmallow swirl that’s easily detectable to the eye, but there are no immediate signs of the graham cracker swirl. No signs of chocolate, either. Fortunately, we don’t eat with our eyes… we eat with our mouths and our quickly-protruding stomachs.

Isolating the graham base in Blue Bunny S’more Please from all other components, I found similar circumstances to the Turkey Hill version. It tastes of graham crackers for certain, but this one is mellowed out even more. I detected some notes of traditional vanilla ice cream, making this more of a graham-vanilla blend that favors the graham. This might sound weird, but I feel like the base needs more salt to enhance the graham flavor. The ice cream is gummier and stretches more than the Turkey Hill version, which is less desirable to me.

The graham cracker swirl operates less as a swirl and more like randomly dispersed candied graham cracker pieces. These are much sweeter than the base with a more pronounced graham cracker punch. The pieces carry some added complexity from being sweetened with honey and molasses, and they’re pretty delicious when you find them. I found one enormous piece that made my pants tighten, but many spoonfuls will come up short of any.

Blue Bunny S'more Please Ice Cream

Blue Bunny S’more Please Ice Cream

Blue Bunny S’mores Please trades victories with Turkey Hill on the final two components. Where it excels is the marshmallow swirl, which is gooey like a melted marshmallow but without the same stickiness. It’s loaded with genuine marshmallow flavor which was largely absent from the Turkey Hill version. For that, I commend Blue Bunny.

Where this ice cream loses most points for me is the chocolate component. We’re limited to thinly sliced squares of chocolate here. The chocolate is non-premiere (to be expected) and lacks the sex appeal of the chocolate-covered graham crackers in Turkey Hill’s. The chocolate flavored pieces are fine and all, but their density doesn’t give ample representation to the layer of milk chocolate in a properly-assembled s’mores. I also found them more bitter than sweet, perhaps because they are merely “chocolate flavored chunks.”

While these two ice creams are close, I think Blue Bunny S’mores Please ice cream is defeated by the Turkey Hill Campfire S’mores. The graham base is a little more muted, the chocolate mix-in is boring and scarce, and the “graham cracker swirl” is hardly a swirl at all. They did, however, do a much better job with the marshmallow component. The flavors work well enough together, but this ice cream isn’t something I’d go out of my way to track down.

“S’more, please?”

No thanks… I’m set.

How Annoying It Is When Food Bloggers Use Puns Rating: 9 out of 10
How Much I Relied on Puns for Six Straight Months Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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  1. Marc P says:

    Hey, another great review with mad entertainment value.
    My apologies though…. every review I read on here all I can think about is that frightening pic of Swedish Fish Oreos.
    Throw up in mouth factor: 9.6 out of 10

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