The Wheat Thin is truly one of a kind. And then one day it wasn’t.

Over the last few years, Wheat Thins have been introduced in a dizzying number of flavor varieties ranging from Honey Mustard to Dill Pickle. When they ran out of flavors, some bonehead decided to release Even Thinner Wheat Thins that wasted everyone’s time. So what the hell did Nabisco do next? Expand beyond wheat and released 150,000 new varieties called Nabisco Good Thins. Rather than list them all, here’s an entire wall of them:

Nabisco Good Thins

Nabisco Good Thins

Nabisco titled all their new varieties like Friends episodes to help guide consumers through all this confusion; there’s The Potato One, The Rice One, and The Chickpea One (aka The Stupid One). What’s more, there are different varieties of flavors in these lines. Is your head spinning yet? Nabisco is already touting more varieties coming soon.

As a sometimes-health nut, I started with the ingredient most familiar to me and went with the Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins.

Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins

Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins

I eat sweet potatoes like it’s my job. If I’m eating potatoes, chances are it’s the sweet one. In addition to tasting better than all other potatoes, sweet potatoes are great because they rate low on the glycemic index, which means… something to somebody. The important thing is that they’re better in every way possible. Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins actually contain sweet potato powder, regular potato flour, and wheat flour, making this all very confusing. These baked snacks have 60% less fat than regular fried potato chips, contain no artificial colors or flavors, no cholesterol, no partially hydrogenated oils, and no high fructose corn syrup. Good for my waist line, but will they taste Bad Thins?

Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins

Heavens, no. Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins taste incredible. The first thing you’ll notice is that their form is not like a Wheat Thin cracker. They’re more comparable to Pop Chips. But this flavor is to die for if you’re a sweet potato lover like me. As you chew the light, crispy, and flaky yum-circles, your mouth fills with robust potato flavor. Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins have a flavor profile true to the root vegetable, leaning more towards the savory side. It’s not overly earthy, however, making this a fine potato chip substitute. They’re lightly salted to perfection, but the tail end of the chew contains a subtle smack of sweetness. Thanks, sugar. These are highly addictive and highly awesome.

I can’t speak enough praise for Nabisco Sweet Potato Good Thins. I know these don’t carry the same sex appeal as many of the products I’ve reviewed on the blog. But this snack has been my go-to since introduced. I was so impressed that I went back to try a few more flavor varieties in the Good Thins line, but as soon as I got to the store and saw these babies again, I bought three more boxes. All were gone by Day 4.

The only knock I have against them is that there aren’t that many in a box. But to be honest, no amount would have been enough. Sweet Potato Good Thins are now a staple when I go real-people shopping instead of Junk Banter shopping. It’s possible I never cover another product in this line because I have no need to.

In summary, these Good Thins are the Best Thins.

Glycemic Index Rating: Low out of 10
Odds Nabisco Releases “Even Better Good Thins” Rating: 7 out of 10
Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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4 Responses

  1. Marc P says:

    Wow, I actually did not buy this because I was annoyed in the past by their dopey naming system. I too love sweet potatoes and the chips (looking at you ‘food should taste good’ brand) so I am going to seek these out. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Junk Male says:

      Sometimes I feel compelled to do a review not because it’s the most exciting product out there, but simply because people need to know how good something is. This is the latter.

  2. Sharon barron says:

    What is the peppery taste .. burns my throats

  3. Melody J Hotard says:

    I love the sweet potato Thins so much I eat a box a day when I can I buy a dozen or more boxes at a time I shop for when they’re on sale but I have to notice the expiration date and there are more than one UPC codes one of them produces the real Thins and the other does not. I have called the company and complained and they sent me coupons to replace the boxes that were not real Thins. I love the sweet potato thins I’m addicted!!!