If you’re too lazy to assemble your own peanut butter & jelly sandwich like me, then the Pillsbury Peanut Butter & Strawberry Toaster Strudel might have piqued your interest. But what if you’re too lazy for even that? Welch’s understands you, since they’ve now deconstructed the sandwich and bagged it into something you can shove in your mouth any time and anywhere.

Welch's PB&J Trail Mix

Welch’s PB&J Trail Mix

Welch’s PB&J Trail Mix comes in a strawberry variety and a grape variety, representing the two most popular flavors of jelly one would apply to the sandwich. Are you one of those weirdos that removes the crust from your peanut butter & jelly sammies? Welch’s PB&J Trail Mix are for those super weirdos who remove the bread entirely because “Oh no, carbs!”  I was once one of those weirdos. If you really want to know how a peanut butter & jelly sandwich tastes when you use lettuce instead of bread, shoot me a message in private. Been there, done that.
My downfall has been incredible.

My downfall has been incredible.

The strawberry version of Welch’s PB&J Trail Mix features a mixture of honey roasted peanuts, roasted and salted peanuts, strawberry flavored infused cranberries, strawberry flavored candy gems, and strawberry flavored infused cranberries with peanut butter flavored coating. I guess strawberries are too expensive, because we have cranberries flavored with elderberry juice instead. WTF is the going rate on elderberries?

Don’t be too alarmed, however, because these cranberries with elderberry juice taste truthful to strawberry preserves. They chew like raisins but are still sweet and fragrant like strawberries. They’re a bit astringent from still being cranberries, but I admire this quality. Hell, these taste like Welch’s Strawberry Spread. Welch’s did a bang-up job infusing their signature flavor into these cranberries. The candied gems have a more artificial strawberry flavor, but they’re delicious nonetheless. Think of them as jelly-flavored M&Ms. They’re even milky like the chocolate candy.

Welch's PB&J Trail Mix Grape

Since the peanut components are the same, let’s discuss how the fruit-flavored components fare in the grape version of Welch’s PB&J Trail Mix. Here we have grape flavored infused cranberries and grape flavored infused candy gems. The grape flavoring is more subtle than the strawberries, as these cranberries retain more of their cranberry qualities than with the strawberry version. Artificial flavoring never tastes like real grapes anyway, but what’s here does mimic grape jelly when combined with the other components. This is less true of the grape-flavored candy gems. They taste more like a mixture of artificial grape and vanilla yogurt. Very enjoyable.

The final component of each Welch’s PB&J Trail Mix are the flavored cranberries covered in peanut butter flavored coating. This is where all the elements come together and the result is delish. This coating will melt easily once in your mouth. It’s salty like a good peanut butter with a light sweetness. The fact that it’s not overly sweetened is perfect, because the flavored cranberries contain plenty of it. The most successful part is that the combination tastes like something you’d smash in between two pieces of *crusted* bread, and it actually tastes like Welch’s.

The strawberry version tastes more like strawberries than the grape tastes like grape, but I’ve always preferred grape jelly over strawberry with my PB&J. It’s that little bit of sourness that gets me every time. I can’t stop eating either of these to be honest. Equal scores for both.

In summary, being lazy is the best.

PB&J on Lettuce Rating: 1 out of 10
PB&J on Crustless Bread Rating: Dumb out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Marc P says:

    The automatic response to this really needs to be: throw these on a scantily covered PBJ sandwich and proceed to plow it.
    In that case, they may be onto something.

    • Junk Male says:

      If all you had on hand was creamy peanut butter, that would be an outstanding method of fixing everything.