Today is National S’mores Day! Welp, that’s all I needed to eat my first Klondike Bar in ten years. Tonight we’re celebrating with these S’mores Klondike Bars that have been in my freezer since February.

S'mores Klondike Bars

S’mores Klondike Bars

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? For years, this question has been sung to people on the street. A series of commercials in the 1980s featured once-respectable human beings degrading themselves by performing animal impersonations to receive novelty ice cream from a stranger. In this one, people impersonate a chicken. Or how bout this one, where a man who already looks like a monkey impersonates one?  Since nobody ever asked me to make animal sounds, this review of S’mores Klondike Bars will serve as my best pig impersonation.

My answer to the question is this: I gave up a decade of clean eating to start a food blog, just so I had an excuse to eat a Klondike Bar.

S'mores Klondike Bars

S’mores Klondike Bars feature marshmallow flavored ice cream and a graham cracker swirl covered in milk chocolate. Many of the recently released s’mores ice creams, such as Turkey Hill Campfire S’mores and Blue Bunny S’more Please, have showcased a graham flavored ice cream. Unfortunately, both showcased graham a little too hard. Klondike’s choice of marshmallow flavored ice cream intrigues me. We must play with every combination of the s’mores formula until somebody gets it right.

Too bad this ice cream doesn’t actually taste like marshmallow. It just tastes like regular ole vanilla blended perfectly with the back of the freezer. In fact, the entire thing just tastes like a regular Klondike bar.

S'mores Klondike Bars

If the marshmallow flavored ice cream has any significant differences from their normal vanilla, they’re masked behind the familiar taste of the milk chocolate exterior. That’s not to say that the milk chocolate taste is overpowering – it’s not. It’s just that this thin & crispy chocolate shell is a Klondike signature and your brain/tongue processes it as a normal Klondike bar. It doesn’t possess enough chocolate to call s’mores to mind, either.

The same can be said of the graham flavored swirl in S’mores Klondike Bars. Just take a look at the photos. The graham swirl is wispy at best. Some areas contained a little more density, but no bite contained enough graham swirl that I ever really noticed it. If you carefully tongue just the swirl (your best “dirty dog” impersonation), you’ll pick up on a mild graham flavor. Once again, it’s lost when you take full bites. S’mores fail.

In summary, I started a food blog for a Klondike Bar and I hated it.

My Pig Impersonation Rating: 7 out of 10
National S’mores Day Rating: I Blew It out of 10
Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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