Fall is in the air, as I write this review poolside… sipping on lemonade while poking at newly acquired rolls of fat from a sunny season of bad decisions. With the change of seasons comes a change in flavors in Junk Food Land.

What was once s’mores is now pumpkin. What was fruit? Now caramel-covered fruit. Seemingly overnight, a glass of pink lemonade is now… .

Tastykake is celebrating the calendar change with two fall flavors: Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes & Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes. Let’s jump right ahead to the review before they replace these with the winter ones.

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes & Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes & Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes, which has far too many K’s near each other than I’m comfortable with, are flavored like my favorite cake. I’ve always viewed carrot cake as a spring/Easter flavor, but hey… you don’t complain when your favorite things finally get the love they deserve. You can’t have your kake and eat it too.

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes, melting in the cool fall air.

Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes are carrot cakes with a small layer of creme filling, all covered in white confectionary coating. This coating is very sweet and is what you’ll taste more than anything. The creme inside adds even more sugar. But what good is carrot cake without all that frosting, anyway?

Luckily, the spices and flavorings in the carrot cakes are strong enough to emerge as you chew. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and raisins all came through as I rounded out each bite. This is real carrot cake at the center – not the best one, but one nonetheless. Carrots made the third row of the ingredient list… must be pretty legit.

My itch for more carrot cake flavored junk food was scratched with Tastykake Karrot Kake Kandykakes, but I just wish that the hyper sweet frosting had some more complexity or was lower in volume.

How Many Seasons They Were Off By Rating: 2 out of 10
How Bad Of An Idea It Was to Spell It With “K’s” Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes

Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes are definitely in the right season. Salted caramel, a flavor trend that won’t die, just feels right at home in the fall. Maybe caramel apple is to blame for this association?

I’m just stoked they didn’t go with Kandy Korn Kandykakes…

Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandy Kakes

Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes, shivering from a cool fall breeze.

Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes are just regular ole cakes covered with chocolate, but a salted caramel filling replaces the standard cream. And you know what? That’s all they needed to be successful.

The cake itself is the least exciting part. Much like all yellow cakes, it carries only the slightest floury/buttery flavor. But it serves as an adequate vehicle for the sexier components – the chocolate and the salted caramel filling. The chocolate exterior is much less sweet than the white confectionary coating on the Karrot Kake Kandykakes, and this decision was a wise one. It’s a fine milk chocolate; honestly, it is.

The best part of Tastykake Salted Caramel Kandykakes is the way the salted caramel filling combines with the chocolate. This salted caramel filling is impressive. It’s not just caramel – it’s got the salt factor to warrant the salted caramel label. The filling has the soft whipped texture of all their creams but it also has the saltiness, the butteriness, and the sugary sweetness of caramel. The extra burst of salt ensures that the overall package isn’t too sweet.

There’s a reason salted caramel won’t die. These Kandy Kakes are solid if not spectacular.

Salted Caramel’s Immortality Rating: 10 out of 10
A Junk Food Blogger’s Mortality Rate: Not Good out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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