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The Nosh Show

The Nosh Show

For the uninitiated, The Nosh Show is a podcast about junk food and fast food. It’s hosted by Marvo of The Impulsive Buy, Ryan of Grub Grade, Eric aka The Junk Food Guy, and Dubba of On Second Scoop. They’re the titans of Junk Food/Fast Food Blogs and have all served as inspiration for Junk Banter’s creation.

This week, I was asked to fill in as a guest host for Ryan. We talk about Cinnamon Roll Peeps, McDonald’s Hot Cake toppings, something called The Hamdog, chips made with the hottest pepper in the world, and much much more.

You can listen to the Nosh Show Episode 88 on iTunes or right here, right now!

Links to the products we talk about and other show notes can be found at the link below: http://www.thenoshshow.com/88/

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Sugar Cookie Twix?

In the final segment of the episode, I bring up a product shrouded in mystery: Sugar Cookie Twix.

In 2012, Marvs unveiled Sugar Cookie Twix at the ECRM’s Winter Confectionery event. About the product, the article reads: “With the  combination of Twix chocolate and caramel paired with the nostalgic goodness of sugar cookies, the new Twix Sugar Cookie Minis could easily become Santa’s new favorite snack.

The problem is that Sugar Cookie Twix was never seen again…

I relayed this tale on Instagram and pissed off a lot of people who found out they weren’t available:

Later, someone recommended that I cry loudly to Mars instead of “no one.” So I did:

I suggest you all rally together with me and blow up Twix’s social media pages and watch as literally nothing changes.

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2 Responses

  1. Monica says:

    Loved your guest spot on TNS. They should add you as a fifth host. Marvo kind of owes you one.

    • Junk Male says:

      Really glad you enjoyed it Monica!! I’ve listened to every episode and always wished I could participate. Marvo owes me nothing, he has been supportive of Junk Banter from Day 1. If I had done a better job with the review I submitted, Junk Banter wouldn’t even exist.