Excuse me a second while I take a selfie:

Reese's Creme Puffs

Reese’s Creme Puffs (center); Me (center)

You wanna talk about identifying with a product? These Reese’s Creme Puffs just get me. Chocolate, peanut butter, the word “puff.” It’s like I’m looking into one of those mirrors that makes you look fat, except this is just a regular mirror and I’m doing the rest. The resemblance is uncanny.

It can’t possibly get much better than this, can it? One of the world’s most iconic candies meets one of… France’s (?) most iconic pastries. Ok, I don’t actually know how popular creme puffs are outside of my household. I also grew up thinking they were Italian because I watched a house full of Italians stuff themselves full of creme puffs on Christmas Eve. Turns out they’re not Italian and we’re just fat.

Reese's Creme Puffs

Here’s the description: “We fill our French-style authentic choux pastry to the brim with Reese’s Peanut Butter flavored whipped creme and enrobed in a chocolatey coating sure to satisfy your palate!”

My question is: Who is “we,” and WTF is a choux?

Turns out “we” is Boboli International LLC, a company that nobody has heard of that definitely is not the Hershey’s Company. Uh oh.

Reese's Creme Puffs

Just look at all that choux.

Uh oh indeed. Reese’s Creme Puffs are delicious on paper and mediocre in your face. Each element – the chocolate, the peanut butter, and the pastry – underwhelms. The peanut butter filling has a mild flavor that is more like a house-brand PB than it is the highly sugary, completely perfect Reese’s PB. Considering the entire damn thing was dunked in chocolate, I expected to taste more of that too. Neither the chocolate nor the peanut butter are bold enough, and their combination will draw zero comparisons to a Reese’s cup as a result.

While they’re utterly offensive, Reese’s Creme Puffs should have been so much more. The execution here is weak. The best element is the slightly peanutty creme, but I would have preferred it be a bit thicker and a lot better. A peanut butter creme was a good idea on paper. However, its unique flavor gets muddled by some inferior quality chocolate and a pretty bland pastry shell.

Just like me, Reese’s Creme puffs are sure to disappoint most people.

How Many People Called Me “Creme Puff” in Middle School Rating: 10 out of 10
Choux Rating: ¯\_(?)_/¯ out of 10
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Marc P says:

    The box alone makes it look unappealing.
    Thanks for the heads up, I will still to the Reese’s pieces cups that are legit.