A pumpkin creme flaky what, a pumpkin creme flaky what?!

Sara Lee Pumpkin Creme Flaky

Sara Lee Pumpkin Creme Flaky

Sara Lee Pumpkin Creme Flaky is a new product that they forgot to finish naming. “Flaky” is an adjective, after all, and adjectives make for terrible product titles. Is it a flaky pie? A flaky sandwich? I have a friend who is pretty flaky – is this going to taste like her?

A flaky appears to be some sort of light pastry (mostly likely a flaky one), bursting with creme and pumpkin in the center. It’s like the mere thought of the ingredients was too much for the product-namer to handle, causing them to pumpkin creme their pants and excuse themselves for a powder.

They would never return.


The Sara Lee Pumpkin Creme Flaky is fragile yet sturdy at the same time. There’s a surprising amount of weight and heft to these flakies, but they’ll agitate pretty quickly if you start curiously and furiously poking at it like I did.

I took a bite of a flaky corner with no filling and… it tastes like pastry. A pastry without sugar or any flavor at all, really. Just flaky, floury nothingness.

Sara Lee Pumpkin Creme Flaky

When you get to the center of the Sara Lee Pumpkin Creme Flaky, you’ll find a large amount of creme filling and a lesser amount of pumpkin spice filling. The creme tastes very good – a strong sweetness with your typical vanilla flavor. It’s mighty thick, though, with a texture similar to ricotta cheese. Does Sara Lee make pumpkin spice lasagna? Somebody should.

The pumpkin spice filling is confined to a small pocket squarely in the center. It tastes kind of like apple pie filling – a combination of syrupy fruit and spice that doesn’t really land on pumpkin spice. Compare it to apple cinnamon with slightly less apple and slightly more cinnamon than the norm. But up against the copious amount of creme filling, its flavor becomes extremely understated. Sara Lee should have folded pumpkin spices into the creme layer to ensure adequate supply in every bite.

When you bite everything together, the flaky pastry just adds a crisp texture and no flavors. It’s just a vehicle to taste mostly vanilla creme and some kind of fruit filling that isn’t very pumpkin-y. I was promised a Pumpkin Creme Flaky, but what I got was a tiny bit of pumpkin,  some non-pumpkin creme, and LOTS of flakes.

In summary, this pastry is pretty flaky if you ask me.

Flaky Friends Rating: 2 out of 10
Flaky Pastries Rating: 6 out of 10
Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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5 Responses

  1. Marc P says:

    Flaky is just bizarre. Might as well just name the thing “crappy”

  2. Sylvie says:

    This is a total rip off of Canadian flaky I grew up with!!!