That feeling when you’re making s’mores but you’re too lazy to finish.

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies could have been S’mores Milanos. They could have used graham flavored cookies and released these this past summer – the Summer of S’mores. They used their signature chocolate layer, toasted the marshmallow (apparently), and then they stopped.

Hey, we’ve all been there; s’mores are a lot of work. But usually my biggest hangup is starting a fire and toasting the marshmallow. Or buying marshmallows ever. Or doing any work at all.

Pepperidge Farm should  get some credit for actually toasting the marshmallow IF they somehow managed to capture the flavor of “toasted” in a cookie.

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies

Fat chance, emphasis on “fat.”

When I opened the bag, my smoke detector didn’t even go off. Toasted Marshmallow Milanos smell plenty chocolately and pretty marshmallowy. There is no ashy or smokey smell like I was hoping for. In fact, fire isn’t even an ingredient.

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies

The flavor of the buttery, shortbready cookie dominates the palate in typical Milano fashion. The outside cookies taste much like those butter cookies in the aluminum tins you get around the holidays. Crispy and crumbly, the cookies operate just as they should. Except they should have tasted like graham crackers.

The second flavor you’ll notice is the milk chocolate. You’ll find yourself waiting for marshmallow to emerge and it never will. Just go ahead and forget about the “toasted” aspect entirely. Toasted Marshmallow Milano cookies struggle enough to produces something distinctly marshmallow. There’s a teeny tiny bit of vanilla flavor, but it’s hard to separate that from the vanilla extract already present in the milk chocolate and the cookie itself. Much as I feared, these taste too similar to regular Milano cookies. They taste absolutely fine but fail to realize their potential.

So I took matters into my own hands…

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies

I should get paid overtime for all this work.

And how did roasting the Toasted Marshmallow Milano on the stove work out?

Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milano Cookies


I finally got the smoke detector to go off.

Half-Assing Your S’mores Rating: 3 out of 10
Burning Your House Down For Cookies Rating: 4 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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