Happy Birthday! Today is your birthday, right?

It’s not? Oh.

Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles

Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles

Well that’s too bad. I bought these Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles just for you. But since it’s not your birthday, I guess I have little choice but to eat them all myself.


Happy Belated!

It’s a shame you had to miss this one because I went all out. Godiva is like, SO EXPENSIVE. Just peruse Godiva’s website and let me know if 6 pieces of chocolate for $17 plus shipping is a good price. I got a better deal at Target, but you definitely didn’t deserve this regardless.

Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles

Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles are a limited edition item that features white chocolate with creamy vanilla and white chocolate filling. You get 12 Truffles in one bag, or at least you would have if it was actually your birthday. You get zero in no bags.

Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles

Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles have a trick and crispy white chocolate shell that is really excellent on its own. The chocolate is luscious with milky vanilla undertones. In my opinion, the quality of the white chocolate is worthy of a premium in price (at Target – not that asinine Godiva price).

The filling inside the Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles is a combo of white chocolate and vanilla mousse. It’s thick but incredibly fluffy and soft at the same time – kind of like cake frosting but of superior quality to that jarred stuff in stores. I feel pretty fancy eating these truffles, and I like feeling fancy on my birthday.

The taste of the filling isn’t specifically birthday cake, though. Yes, I understand that “birthday cake” is really just a catch-all term for anything that tastes like frosting these days. But I expect something reminiscent of a floury yellow cake in addition to the frosting. Godiva Birthday Cake Truffles miss quite a bit on that regard.

Still, it’s hard to turn down high-quality, rich chocolate on your birthday. Or any day, really.

Odds It’s Your Birthday Today Rating: 0.00274 out of 10
Your Worthiness of Expensive Chocolate Rating: 2 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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