A moment of silence, please.

Blue Bunny Holi-Doodle Christmas Cookie ice cream is dead.

Here’s what it looked like moments before it was brutally murdered:

Blue Bunny Hoppin Holidoodle


The assailant? F*cking listeria concerns. Hoppin Holidoodle, the rebranded name for Holi-doodle Christmas Cookie ice cream, was set for re-release this winter: sugar cookie flavored ice cream with swirls of green buttercream frosting and cinnamon graham revel with red sprinkles and snickerdoodle cookie dough. That ingredient list is enough to give Santa a boner, but it was that last thing – the snickerdoodle cookie dough – that would cause it to become flaccid.

Blue Bunny voluntarily recalled Hoppin Holidoodle this October while it was in early stages of distribution. The snickerdoodle cookie dough – the one ingredient outsourced to a supplier- faced potential contamination with listeria monocytogenes. I would have risked food poisoning for another shot at Holidoodle, but Blue Bunny never afforded me the opportunity.

Their attempt to make up for it is a new winter ice cream: Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny.

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny is inspired by hot cocoa. A cup of hot chocolate sure does sound comforting as I attempt to deal with tragedy. But this particular hot cocoa is served ice cold… just like the dead corpse of Blue Bunny Holi-doodle Christmas Cookie ice cream.

I knew I was gonna get emotional. ?

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny is chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow swirl, chocolate flavored marshmallow bunnies, and tiny ghosts of Blue Bunny Holi-doodle Christmas Cookie ice cream.

You know how I referred to hot chocolate as “comforting” before? That’s exactly what this ice cream is. The chocolate base is simple. Good, but simple. It’s not decadent by any means and I actually believe this to work in its favor for “hot cocoa” ice cream. You know how all the best hot chocolates come from those shitty little packets and not those fancy-ass hot chocolate recipes? That’s what you’ll get here. It’s just sweet, chocolatey ice cream. Comforting.

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny

The marshmallow swirl in Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny is kind of the same thing. It imparts a sugary vanilla flavor and an extra element of creaminess to a cocoa ice cream that was otherwise lacking in it. It moves the product ever-so-closer to “hot cocoa.” The swirl doesn’t stretch like true marshmallow fluff, but the flavor is what it should be. My complaint is that the swirl is less plentiful than initial photography suggests. However, what’s present folds seamlessly into the ice cream and the combined product is… comforting.

The most flavor in the container comes from the marshmallow bunnies. The chocolatey exterior of the candies is a deeper, more genuine chocolate flavor than the ice cream itself. This contrast in chocolate helps quite a bit, and thankfully the bunnies are abundantly packed throughout the container. They add some much-needed crunch to save this from being a boring scoop. If you isolate the bunnies and enjoy them solo, the marshmallow itself tastes pretty darn good.

Blue Bunny Cocoa Bunny is a solid option for chocolate/marshmallow fans, especially at the price. While it won’t excite like Holi-Doodle, it will help comfort you during this time of despair.

…I hate it.

Ability to Console Rating: 8 out of 10
Not Holi-Doodle Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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