Tonight we’re celebrating how truly ridiculous the world has become, and we’re doing it with some cake!

Thomas' Party Cake Mini Bagels

Thomas’ Party Cake Mini Bagels

…sort of.

Thomas’ Party Cake Mini Bagels! I was already having a hard time telling muffins and cupcakes apart, but now my bagels have sprinkles and I don’t know what the hell is what anymore.

Thomas' Party Cake Mini Bagels

The scent adds to my confusion; one whiff and I couldn’t tell if I was at a New York delicatessen or a child’s birthday party. Whichever the case, these bagels smell wonderful.

And thankfully, Thomas also did a great job infusing some funfetti flavor into these bread-cakes. They start with a more traditional “bready” flavor – floury and dense. But soon after that, you begin to experience little bursts of sweetness that pack an hilarious punch to your ordinary bagel. The flavors mesh well and they don’t even taste artificial. The bagels are an enjoyable treat unadulterated straight out of the package.

Speaking of which, it’s not exactly clear what toppings best fit Thomas’ Party Cake Mini Bagels.

So I tried everything.

Thomas' Party Cake Mini Bagels

With butter.

Toasted with butter was pretty damn good. Straight from the package has the vanilla/funfetti flavor of cake but absent is the butter. Not anymore. The bagel’s cake-iness starts to move in the direction of a buttery pound cake. This makes so much sense now that I think about it – what took us so long to make cake bagels?

Thomas' Party Cake Mini Bagels

With butter & preserves.

Next I added strawberry preserves to the buttered bagel. It’s kind of like one of those cakes with the syrupy fruit layer in the middle! Is Thomas actually that Cake Boss guy? This is genius.

With cream cheese.

Toasted with cream cheese is also delicious but with a tradeoff. Cream cheese offers a delicious decadence that pairs well with the mildly sweet bagel. It makes you START to think about cream cheese frosting. But straight cream cheese is very rich and blocked a bit of that unique funfetti flavor of the bagel. So it’s almost like cake frosting, but just not sweet enough to replace cake frosting.

So I tried it with cake frosting.

With cake frosting and sprinkles.

Lol okay, this was incredible in the same way that a cupcake is incredible. Sugar tastes great! I didn’t toast the bagel – just slathered some frosting then dumped sprinkles on it. Voila… you have yourself a breakfast cupcake.

Is there anything that won’t work on these things?

With whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Haha, there it is. This one just tasted like a bagel with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It wasn’t great, but it was a dumb idea to begin with. Sue me.

They might sound like a ludicrous idea, but Thomas’s Party Cake Mini Bagels are actually quite awesome. Gimmicky? Sure. But bread has never been as cool as it is right now.

Buy these limited edition bagels pronto.

Blurriness of Lines Between Cupcakes/Muffins/Cake: 8 out of 10
How Ridiculous The World Has Become Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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