It’s 2:30 P.M., and the hunger panes are setting in. It’s time for a coffee break.

Here’s what Chobani’s idea of a coffee break was:

  1. Put on a pot of coffee.
  2. Grab a cookie from the break room.
  3. Grab some candy from the break room.
  4. Leave milk out until it’s really, really spoiled.
  5. Combine it all.
  6. Eat in three spoonfuls.
Chobani Coffee Brownie Bliss

Chobani Coffee Brownie Bliss

Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss is the rebranded, stronger-than-ever version of Chobani Flip Coffee Break Bliss. All Chobani did was drop “break” from the title and replace it with “brownies.” Then they left all the same ingredients and added mocha brownies as an additional topping. It’s as if Chobani realized they grossly miscalculated how many people covet yogurt on their coffee breaks like they do. They decision to add brownies was a sound one. When faced with a choice between “nothing” or “brownies,” the safe money is on brownies.

Chobani Coffee Brownie Bliss

Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss is coffee low-fat yogurt with biscotti cookies, milk chocolate, and mocha brownies. When I read this description back, I unchecked the box that read “Health Food Reviews” while categorizing this review.

This is yogurt for people who hate yogurts.

…and you really have to love yogurt to enjoy this coffee one. Chobani’s coffee yogurt has a solid hint of java flavor to it, but its “yogurtiness” is more pronounced than ever. Imagine using cream that was beginning to spoil in your coffee, then adding so much sugar that you salvaged it. That’s Chobani’s coffee yogurt. It’s that slightly sour, slightly bitter flavor from the coffee that prevents the sugar from masking all of yogurt’s nastier qualities.

Chobani Coffee Brownie Bliss

Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss

Everything else, though. My God.

My initial concern was not seeing nearly enough brownies in something called Coffee Brownie Bliss. In their place were copious amounts of biscotti cookies. You’ll be thankful for the tradeoff. The biscotti cookies taste wonderful; a strong vanilla flavor with prominent anise. They have a mighty crunch and operate as granola would atop yogurt. This is an authentic Italian biscotti if I’ve ever had one (I’ve had several thousand).

Though there aren’t a ton, the mocha brownies in Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss are pretty darn tasty too. They’re really well-balanced between the cocoa and the coffee. The brownies are crispy with sugary grit and not chewy like homemade brownies, but I value crunch atop my yogurt. There’s also chocolate chips in here because we’re all fat. The combination of the biscotti cookies, brownies, and chocolate chips provide huge flavor while complementing the better qualities of the coffee yogurt.

Protip: Keep your toppings ON TOP of the yogurt and spoon down as you go. Mixing them all into the yogurt will result in soggy biscotti cookies, which will make you think your coffee yogurt has curdled.

It’s a bit ironic that the limiting factor in Chobani’s Coffee Brownie Bliss yogurt is the yogurt itself. However, the toppings were smart & inspired additions that pair extremely well. They prevent Coffee Brownie Bliss from being a total Flippin’ disaster; in fact, they make it quite enjoyable.

It’s truly amazing what cookies, brownies, and candy can achieve in tandem.

Settling for Yogurt on Your Coffee Break Rating: 4 out of 10
Choosing Cookies, Brownie, & Candy Always Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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  1. Shelley says:

    The first was different but I loved it. Thanks for so many flavors. Do you sell them by 4 or 6 packs???