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Oreo Egg

Oreo Egg

My hunger for limited edition garbage is limitless; it cannot be contained by this country’s borders. Last year I learned that Cadbury was selling Cadbury Oreo Eggs for Easter. They featured a milk chocolate shell with some kind of Oreo creme and cookie bits stuffed inside. I pulled some strings to get some delivered, and quickly fell in love.

Fast forward to earlier this year. I wanted them available in the U.S. so badly that I did what anyone in my generation would do: I cried into my phone.

Word spread quickly. Buzzfeed picked up the story. People Magazine soon followed, as did Delish, PopSugar, and a plethora of other news sites. Within days my image was trending on Facebook and even made it on Yahoo Sports! for some reason (Oreo is a sport now).

Imagine that.  I took a photo of candy with my iPhone and the next thing I knew I had made it into Cosmo Magazine.

And they said I would never make it… ?

Oreo Egg

I also made it into Teen Vogue.

After all my bitching, The Oreo Egg has officially reached U.S. soil! Ignore the fact that this version has no Cadbury branding, and ignore the fact that production lead time is longer than six weeks.

It’s pretty clear to see that I’m 100% directly responsible for this.

Oreo Egg

The Oreo Eggs are available at a wide selection of stores including Walmart, Target, Safeway, and Dollar General. The description is similar to the Cadbury version: “creme filled candy with cookie pieces.”

The thick chocolate shell is made with a milk chocolate. Its quality is similar to many Easter goodies you find this time of year. The chocolate doesn’t taste as rich nor creamy as Cadbury’s; it feels noticeably cheaper. It’s difficult to pinpoint why exactly, but my best guess is because the U.S. version doesn’t use cocoa butter in the recipe. It was just… pretty decent chocolate.

Chocolate is still chocolate though.

Oreo Egg

The American Oreo Egg is definitely for people that enjoy spoonfuls of sugar directly in their face. This is extremely sugary stuff. Tasty, but I know they’ll be too sweet for some. I also didn’t think it delivered the distinctive Oreo creme flavor that Cadbury’s did. It’s generically sweet more than it is vanilla. I know I’m scrutinizing extra hard, but I’ve earned that right since I’m the one that made this possible.

To its credit, the creme is fluffy and makes for a satisfying bite when your teeth break through that milk chocolate shell. The cookie bits are also fun. Cohesively, the egg works as a solid cookies & cream spin on the more traditional Cadbury Egg. It’s an enjoyable piece of candy to add to your Easter basket of calories.

I’m happy that I can now purchase the Oreo Egg without having to pay an extra $15 in international shipping costs. However, it’s not quite as impressive as the Cadbury version I fell in love with. I also have to admit that the Milka Oreo Candy Bars have stolen much of the Oreo Egg’s thunder here at home.

Which is why I must now focusing my energy on getting this masterpiece to the States:

How Proud I Am That I Made It Into “Teen Vogue” Rating: 9 out of 10
Odds That I’m Even Remotely Responsible for This Rating: 0 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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