What the fuffle..?

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Kerfuffle

Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Kerfuffle

Ben & Jerry’s just released a brand new flavor called Truffle Kerfuffle. I consider myself a betting man (I once bet actual cash on the Puppy Bowl), and if someone were taking bets today, I’d have bet a good sum of money that Truffle Kerfuffle would feature truffles as a mix-in. Turns out I would have lost, just like when I lost the Fantasy Puppy Bowl because Winston took a shit as soon as the opening whistle blew.

Classic kerfuffle…

I guess Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Kerfuffle is like deconstructed truffle. It features vanilla ice cream with roasted pecans, fudge chips, and a salted chocolate ganache swirl. I’ll admit I wasn’t terribly excited when I first heard about this one. My fear was that “salted chocolate ganache swirl” was just a hipster term for “fudge.” I simply read it as: “vanilla ice cream with nuts and chocolate.”

And then I opened it and saw this:

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Kerfuffle

I kerfuffled my pants.

Honestly, you can call it whatever the fuff you want as long as you give me pools like this.

We don’t need to spend much time on Ben & Jerry’s vanilla base. It’s smooth, sweet, and serviceable – contributing a bit of its own flavor while allowing the other components to play featured roles.

Mixed throughout the vanilla ice cream in Truffle Kerfuffle are lots of fudge chips and sizable roasted pecans. Between the crispy dark chocolate fudge chips and the bit of ganache swirl that bled into the base, its profile initially reminded me of cookies & cream without any cookie chunks. When you hit the pecans, their toasted flavor is pronounced and transforms the profile into that of a chocolate pecan pudding pie. Served with vanilla ice cream.

A pretty good start.

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Kerfuffle

Next I tackled some of the salted chocolate ganache pools. The chocolate is rich and delicious alright, but yeah… I can’t say I got the extra salt or a “ganache” texture – not that I fully understand what a ganache even is. I thought it would be creamier, but this is effectively just fudge sauce. It’s the sweetest component in the pint and adds a fluid texture to an already texturally satisfying pint.

My biggest complaint is that the roasted pecans are a bit overbearing at times. There were bites where all I tasted was pecans, and it was the salted chocolate ganache that I wanted to dazzle.

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Kerfuffle

Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Kerfuffle is an absolutely loaded pint with tried-and-true ingredients. I didn’t have any boring spoonfuls in my entire pint; the mix-in density is its greatest strength. The balance could be improved and they could have come harder on the whole “truffle” thing, but I can still get down with this pretty regularly…

? Every day I’m fuffle’n.

Hipster Chocolate Rating: 6 out of 10
LMFAO Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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