Quick Bites are rapid-fire reviews without the lame story and full array of images. Today’s quick bite is:

Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel Minis

Description: Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel debuted in 2015 and returns this year in miniature form. Milky Way purists shouldn’t shit themselves; this version still contains nougat and caramel, but the nougat is marshmallow flavored. I’m not even a marshmallow guy (only in appearance) and I thought these were pretty good. The marshmallow comes through pretty well with a noticeable vanilla twist on the classic Milky Way. Just don’t expect a marshmallow’s texture. You basically trade off a little butteriness from the caramel with some creaminess from the marshmallow flavoring.

Burning Questions:

  1. Is it better than a regular Milky Way? They’re about equal.
  2. Is it better than Milky Way Midnight? Hell no.
  3. Are you #TeamMilkyWay or #TeamSnickers? #TeamSnickers

Place of Purchase: Dollar Tree

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Diondra Carozza says:

    I really think these Quick Bites Reviews are a great idea!! Although I thoroughly enjoy your full reviews and always get a good laugh, you still managed to add a little of your classic Junkbanter humor to this short one and I am a fan!! I like the idea that I could go to one of these concise reviews that it gets right to the point so I can easily decide whether or not I want to purchase the product!! And you are right that if you incorporate in some of these Quick Bites, you will be able to review a ton more products!! Oh and I also like how you added where you purchased the product!

    • Junk Male says:

      Thanks for all this Diondra!! Really appreciate it. Often there’s a product that doesn’t require over-analysis and there’s really no backstory to. I think I will start using this format more often. ?