Everyone loves a trilogy, right? I’m going to round out my recent duo of strawberry-related reviews, and make it a trilogy with these Strawberry Nut M&M’s. Hopefully like most trilogies, it bears no resemblance to the first in its edition, because I hated those strawberry ice cream Starburst jellybeans.

Strawberry Nut M&M's

Strawberry Nut M&M’s

Strawberry Nut M&M’s: the M&M’s special edition that no one asked for. When I was trying to get some background research on them (because that’s what I do with my life, I guess?), I stumbled upon a delightful blog belonging to a man named John Weeks. John Weeks bought JohnWeeks.com and proceeded to fill up the site with the thoughts and musings of, you guessed it, John Weeks. John’s posts reveal a fanatical interest in big cats, screenshots of his best Minesweeper scores, and a detailed account of every limited edition version of M&M’s.

In short, his website is way better than this one.

So why do I mention John Weeks? Three reasons: (1) I am fascinated by his existence in general, (2), he correctly identifies Real Coconut M&M’s as the best all-time M&M flavor, AND (3) he doesn’t have Strawberry Nut M&M’s on his master M&M list. John, if you were wondering where the spike in your blog traffic came from and you are actually reading this review, please let me know if you’d like Junk Banter to send you a package of Strawberry Nut M&M’s. It would be an honor to add to your list. However, you might want to hear my thoughts on them first.

Strawberry Nut M&M's

Hey John, can you do THIS?

John, I have to be straight with you. These M&M’s are nothing special.

Strawberry Nut M&M’s are basically peanut M&M’s with a fairly faint strawberry flavoring. Everything is exactly the same as traditional peanut M&M’s in almost every way: shape, texture, chocolate base, peanut center. The only differences are the shell colors (pinks, greens, and ruby reds) and the hint of fruitiness in smell and taste.

The strawberry is definitely noticeable, but not enough to really satisfy a fruity craving or stand out as a strong complement. It’s just kind of…there. It’s natural tasting–there’s no cloying or artificial fruit flavors and that’s a big plus–but it’s also so subtle that I don’t really know how to feel about it. I’d be happy to eat these if I couldn’t find peanut M&M’s. I just can’t imagine that I would purposefully seek them out.

Strawberry Nut M&M's

Sorry if this is a letdown, John. The good news is, your name sounds like a Spanish person saying “John Wick“, and that movie was badass. The other good news is, Strawberry Nut M&M’s give me hope for future fruit flavors. M&M’s is showing that they can do natural, restrained, and subtle variations that might work really well with stronger flavored fruits. It’s kind of a boring end to my strawberry trilogy, but I do hope that M&M’s keep experimenting. And I hope John Weeks gets to try every single one.

How Glad I Am To Be Done With Strawberry Flavored Things Rating: 8 out of 10
How Creeped Out John Week Probably Is Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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  1. Eat Explore Etc says:

    Love the creative strawberry design picture! Your creeping John out rating seems on point too 😀

    • Junk Banter says:

      Thank you! And yes, I’ve never been more sure of a rating in the history of this website.