Carrot Cake: A moist cake containing grated carrot, typically topped with a buttercream or cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts.

Yogurt: A semisolid sourish food prepared from milk fermented by added bacteria.

It’s a match made in Heaven!

Chobani Flip Carrot Cake Creation

Chobani Flip Carrot Cake Creation

Chobani Flip Carrot Cake Creation is a daring new flavor for the popular Greek yogurt manufacturer. Carrots are already an iffy addition to cake. Thankfully there’s enough cream cheese and sugar and shit to mask the fact that it’s vegetables, because any cake champion knows that carrot cake is the best cake.

But yogurt? Yogurt is pretty gross as it is, and you usually don’t turn to vegetables as reinforcements when something tastes bad. There’s a reason we doctor yogurt up with granola, candy, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Not carrots.

Even Bugs Bunny might disapprove of this.

Chobani Carrot Cake Creation

Ehh, what’s up, Doc? My digestive tract is shit.

Chobani Flip Carrot Cake creation is sweet carrot low-fat yogurt (gross) with cinnamon glazed cake pieces, walnuts, and creamy white chocolate chunks.

At least they got the cake and candy part down.

The carrot yogurt in Chobani Flip Carrot Cake creation is very confusing, and it’s not even the carrots’ fault. There’s almost an entire fruit salad in the ingredient list: pineapple, orange peel, lemon, and coconut. This fruity combination is a weird mixture with the spices present. The yogurt isn’t even that sweet, which is a bad start for a cake flavor. It’s incredibly watery and pretty sour to boot.

I’ve never had carrot cake with this many pineapple chunks. Yes, actual chunks.

Chobai Flip Carrot Cake Creation

The toppings at least push Carrot Cake Creation in the right direction. The cinnamon glazed cake pieces don’t chew like cake yet they impart a lot of sweet cinnamon flavor that the carrot yogurt was lacking. There’s more spice on the cake pieces than in the yogurt itself.

The crunchy walnuts are the most carrot cake-y thing about this mixture. At least they’re genuine to what you’d find in the  real cake. Combining them with the creamy white chocolate pieces is when I finally got something approximating the frosting and texture in a spiced carrot cake.

Too bad I can’t get over this weird carrot pineapple-orange-lemon-coconut yogurt base.

Whatever Chobani created with Carrot Cake Creation, it isn’t carrot cake. I can’t even say the carrot yogurt is offensive or even bad; it’s just not what I expected at all. Gimme less fruit and more cake, dammit.

Vegetables and Bacteria Rating: 1 out of 10
Bugs Bunny’s Approval Rating: 2 out of 10
Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, shut the front door. I eat these but I have never seen carrot cake as a flavor!! (On another note, their chocolate/coconut yogurt flip thingy is delish) Thanks for this review!! 🙂