Everybody in the world loves to get paid, but nobody in the world loves PayDay.

Sure, I know a couple of people who like Payday; heck I’m one of them. But the God’s honest truth is that nobody buys PayDay with any regularity. This should give you a good idea of where PayDay stands in the minds of America: on the high end, The Daily Meal listed PayDay as one of America’s 10 Most Underrated Candy Bars. On the low end, this blog I found said PayDay is a “salty, unchewable brick of hatred” and declared it a “Shakespearean tragedy of a junk food.


While that’s an unfairly harsh criticism of PayDay, it’s at least true that the candy bar is a really tough sell when postioned next to a bunch of candies that contain chocolate. So what do you do when your candy bar doesn’t sound enough to warrant a purchase? You make it sound worse.

Flavor of Texas" BBQ PayDay.

“Flavor of Texas” BBQ PayDay.

Again, I’m not speaking for myself – I actually love this concept. But BBQ seasoning in a candy bar is enough to turn plenty of stomaches. I put a picture of “Flavor of Texas” BBQ PayDay on my SnapChat when I first found it. I hadn’t received that many vomit emojis sent to me in rapid succession since I posted a selfie earlier that morning. Even I can admit it’s a daring choice to go the barbecue route.

Making matters worse, BBQ PayDay looks like you ate too many peanuts and then went to the bathroom.

"Taste of Texas" BBQ PayDay.

Somebody light a candle.

If you’ve never even bothered with PayDay in your life, it’s made with a caramel-nougat center surrounded by salted peanuts. The “Flavor of Texas” BBQ PayDay simply adds a barbecue seasoning blend to coat the peanuts.

One bite in and I’m glad I’m afraid of nothing; this bar is truly unique and I’m a big fan.

The seasoning wastes no time introducing itself in BBQ PayDay. It checks all the BBQ boxes with a little tang, a little spice, a little smokiness, and even some sweetness separate from the caramel’s. Surely you’ve snacked on BBQ peanuts before, yeah? This part should be familiar and it works. There’s even a hint of onion and garlic to straddle the boundary of savory & sweet.

"Taste of Texas" BBQ PayDay.

The caramel adds a different kind of sweetness that blends together well with the seasoning. At no point does this bar become too sweet though. Instead, a buttery sweet flavor of caramel joins forces with the sweet & tangy BBQ seasoning as it holds the peanuts together. The bar has a really great chew (it’s not too chewy at all) and a very enjoyable texture with the crunchy peanuts. The nougat gives the bar some extra heft to easily satiate that big ole’ Texas appetite. I’m really impressed that the candy manages to be simultaneously savory, sweet, & salty while still feeling like a candy bar above all else.

Don’t be afraid of “Flavor of Texas” BBQ PayDay. Sweet barbecue sauces are delicious, and caramel is one of the best kinds of sweetness. Take a chance, people. Get nutty.

Number of PayDays Sold Annually Rating: 0 out of 10
Shakespearean Tragedies Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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10 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    BBQ….candy bar?! No way. Does it really taste barbeque-ish or is it just more the notes of the flavors typically encountered in BBQ sauce? I have to say, if I didn’t read this review, it definitely would have been a candy bar I’d walk past and not bother buying/trying.

    • Junk Male says:

      It’s just more the flavors found in BBQ sauce, emphasis on the savory notes. The caramel replaces the straight sugar normally found in the BBQ sauce. I swear – this is a really fun candy bar!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I don’t doubt it.. sweet and savory tend to work really well together. I’ll have to check this one out. As always, thanks for the review! 🙂

  3. Eat Explore Etc says:

    It sounds frightening and yet, I want to give it a go. I wonder if any of the import website shops are stocking any of these things… they sound insane and I kinda have this weird urge to try the things that I’m sure I’ll hate. Pretty sure I’m broken.

    • Junk Male says:

      Haha, I always say “the dumber it sounds, the more I want it.” Somebody took it to market for a reason and I just gotta try for myself.

  4. Dan N says:

    I liked the BBQ payday. Btw I disagree with the reviewer that people don’t buy regular paydays. I love payday bars and buy them all the time. I wish they would bring back the chocolate covered payday.

    • Junk Male says:

      Thanks for commenting Dan! I know there are definitely PayDay loyalists out there, but when I think of all the times in my life I’ve ever seen someone whip out a PayDay and take a bite, there are zero.

  5. John W. says:

    Lance has a Sweet ‘N Spicy version of their normal peanut bar which I have had before (and liked). The first time I tried it, I thought it was like a BBQ flavored peanut bar. A BBQ flavored Payday is intriguing, I’ll probably pick one up if I see them on store shelves.

  6. Sylvie says:

    I’ve never had a regular payday and I don’t love peanuts (almonds and other nuts though yes please!) but this thing was pretty good. I froze it and it was even better! Not really what I consider caramel. Kind of like a caramel flavoured nougat fudge sugary chew. Not a regular purchase (cause I love chocolate too muc