Cereal milk is best served cold, but it’s so f*cking hot right now. Ben & Jerry’s was the first mover when they turned cereal milk into ice cream to celebrate National Cereal Day, and now Burger King is turning Froot Loops into a milkshake just because they can. The progression from cereal MILK to cereal MILKSHAKE is such an obvious one and companies are now making hundreds of thousands of dollars from an idea that I was too dumb to conceive myself.

Burger King Froot Loops Shake

Burger King Froot Loops Milkshake

Burger King Froot Loops Shake

Burger King describes the Froot Loops Shake as velvetty vanilla-flavored soft serve with FROOT LOOPS Cereal pieces and a sweet sauce. They honestly could have just served me a cup of the sweet sauce and I’d be happy.

Your burger barista will ask if you want whipped cream when you order the Froot Loops Shake. If you ever say no to this question in any context, you should re-evaluate where you are in life and how you got there.

Burger King Froot Loops Shake

Burger King Froot Loops Shake

The first sip is fruity cereal forward for sure. My mind went straight to Fruity Pebbles instead of Froot Loops, but a second sip has me convinced you could go either way on this one. It’s a comforting, familiar flavor and it tastes like a Saturday morning cartoon. You’re damn right it’s sweet, but it’s not any sweeter than you’d expect from something called a Froot Loops Shake.

Each sip finishes with the flavor of vanilla soft serve on the back end. The transition from fruit to vanilla is harmonious and I enjoy the final profile. It’s really hard to mess up vanilla soft serve, but it’s also really hard to mess up lettuce and BK finds a way. I’m impressed with this milkshake relative to my expectations.

Burger King Froot Loops Shake


What might throw you for a LOOP® are the cereal pieces scattered throughout. These really didn’t bother me personally. They’re coarsely chopped and all of them made their voyage through my straw with ease. They actually do a ton of legwork (possibly all of it) to drive home the Froot Loops flavor. It might seem lazy but it’s effective. – just be prepared for some things in your mouth.

Whether you’re buying this for your kid or you just eat like one, I can’t see anyone being upset with the Burger King Froot Loops Shake. Unless you hate Froot Loops that is – in which case, I hate you.

Saturday Cartoons Rating
: 9 out of 10
People Who Refuse Whipped Cream Rating
: 0 out of 10
Overall Rating
: 8 out of 10

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4 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh wow! That looks absolutely delish!! I don’t typically frequent fast food places, but I may have to make a special trip just for one of those. Thanks for the review! 🙂

  2. Danielle Henson says:

    It’s been a while…years….since i’ve had a burger king milkshake. They were served in paper cups back then instead of these clear cups. I remembered liking the texture of them back then but when I tried this froot loop shake, it was really liquidy. I went through the drive-thru and was not asked whether or not I wanted whipped cream and did not receive any 🙁

    • Junk Male says:

      It’s an absolute tragedy that they didn’t ask you if you wanted whipped creme or serve it by default. My shake wasn’t too liquidy to start. If you ever get it again, I hope they do a better job for you!

  3. Ruth A Wilson says:

    I love the fruit loop shake bring it back please!!!!!!!!