As a disgusting, perpetually sweaty Italian bastard, I’m qualified to say that cannolis are way too under-appreciated in the States.

It’s not that people don’t LIKE cannolis… c’mon now. But how frequently do we actually eat a cannoli? Maybe once a year, around Christmas time? Have you ever seen a grown man walking down the street eating a cannoli? No you haven’t, because you haven’t walked past me yet.

The truth is that most people eat cannolis infrequently because they’re so inconvenient. Just think about your closest authentic Italian bakery. No, not that shitty one with the guy from Cake Boss – the tiny one in Little Italy with the red awning and no parking. No not THAT one with the red awning – that place sucks. I’m talking about the one a few blocks north that closes at 11:00 A.M. five minutes before you even realize you wanted a cannoli. They make THE BEST cannoli.

Ok, now let’s say you managed to get to said bakery and order your cannoli. You’ve still gotta work pretty fast so the shell doesn’t get soggy. Once they fill that shell with creme, you should indulge immediately. Next thing you know the whole thing explodes and you’re covered in powdered sugar and cannoli creme.

No sir, cannolis are not convenient.

Golden Cannoli The Original Cannoli Chips

Golden Cannoli The Original Cannoli Chips

What IS convenient are these new Cannoli Chips by Golden Cannoli, packaged neatly into resealable bags. If you’re wondering if these are truly Italian, here’s their slogan:

“Made with Love (And A Few Arguments!)”

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are as Italian as you can get.

Amidst all that arguing, it appears Golden Cannoli only had time to focus on the cannoli shell. I would have loved to see a concurrent release of the first ever Cannoli Cream-in-a-Tube, but hey… fat Italian beggars can’t be fat Italian choosers.

Golden Cannoli The Original Cannoli Chips

The Original Cannoli Chips debut in three varieties: (1) Powdered Sugar, (2) Cinnamon & Sugar, and (3) Cookies & Cream.

The Original Cannoli Chips (Powdered Sugar)

The Original Cannoli Chips Powdered Sugar

Golden Cannoli Powdered Sugar Cannoli Chips

Golden Cannoli Powdered Sugar Cannoli Chips is the most traditional variety. The chips are true to a cannoli shell because they really are just cannoli shells. They begin with a crisp bite before giving way to a softer chew. The cannoli chips are floury and the powdered sugar adds the appropriate amount of sweetness. In some ways, snacking on powdered sugar cannoli shells reminds me of eating funnel cake without all that extra grease. They’re far more addicting than I anticipated without any cannoli cream. Well done.

Rating: 8 out of 10

The Original Cannoli Chips (Cinnamon & Sugar)

The Original Cannoli Chips Cinnamon & Sugar

Golden Cannoli Cinnamon & Sugar Cannoli Chips

Golden Cannoli Cinnamon & Sugar Cannoli Chips use the same cannoli shell and replace powdered sugar with a mixture of cinnamon & sugar… in case you couldn’t figure that one out yourself. This is more tasty stuff by GC. The mixture favors cinnamon over sugar –  I found the powdered sugar variety to be a little sweeter which is why I prefer it. But the cannoli shell has a biscuity quality to it that makes me think of a less sweet version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

When you really dig into these chips, you start to want some damn cannoli cream to cut through some of that cinnamon.

Rating: 7 out of 10

The Original Cannoli Chips (Cookies & Cream)

The Original Cannoli Chips Cookies & Cream

Golden Cannoli Cookies & Cream Cannoli Chips

Golden Cannoli Cookies & Cream Cannoli Chips are the most unique of the bunch. These chips return to powdered sugar but have cocoa mixed into the dough. I’ve had cannoli shells dipped into chocolate before, but never made with cocoa directly like this. It’s a fun twist as the cannoli shell assumes qualities of an Oreo wafer. I can buy the “cookie” part more than the “cream” part – the light dusting of powdered sugar isn’t enough to bridge that gap. But powdered sugar still remains my preferred sweetening vehicle for the cannoli, and this combination works. It’s a cookie meets a cannoli meets a chip.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Golden Cannoli’s Cannoli Chips are a fun way to give the cannoli some love in a moment’s notice. While they’re enjoyable by themselves, they can also be used in many different applications – ice cream toppings, cake toppings, parfaits, etc. For Italian goombahs like me? They’re best enjoyed when you feel like a stuffed sausage and you’re too tired to fill your own cannolis come dessert time. Just make sure you planned accordingly and had the tub of cannoli cream at the ready.

I always do.

Made with Love Rating: 9 out of 10
Made with Arguments Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Sonya says:

    Cool to see you rate these after seeing them at Walmart and thinking of you! My husband loves cannolis (not me), and your description of finding just the right awning in Little Italy was spot on! Good to know they don’t keep well; we always just enjoy them in the store with a nice espresso. Mmmmm!

  2. alberttrotter says:

    I think they should make a snack kit with the cannoli cream on the side. Almost like deconstructed cannoli. YUM!