The following review is in the “Quick Bite” format. These are basically rapid-fire reviews without the lame story and full array of images. Today’s Quick Bite is:

Pop Secret Popfetti Popcorn

To celebrate America’s birthday, Walgreens is hiding limited time Pop Secret Popfetti popcorn with red and blue sprinkles somewhere next to the cereal in the aisle furthest from the entrance.

Pop Secret Popfetti popcorn touts the flavors of yellow cake and buttercream frosting. I don’t know about QUITE all that, but this stuff is really addictive regardless. It has a delicate balance of sweet & salty with some vanilla frosting notes and a bit of butter flavor to boot. It may be all through fake flavors and sucralose, but they did a damn good job with it.

The red & blue sprinkles are festive additions and have the texture of Pop Rocks (without any explosion factor). If you lick the sprinkles off the side of the bag like I did, they have a slightly fruity flavor and also you should really be ashamed of yourself. It all comes together nicely.

Pop Secret Popfetti popcorn is a great snack for whenever you wanna celebrate Netflix and chill, or in my case… Netflix and eating alone on the couch.

Burning Questions:

  1. I didn’t read the review. Where can I buy these? Walgreen’s.
  2. Do they sell these at Walgreen’s? Yes.
  3. Do you know where I can buy these? …no.

Place of Purchase: Walgreen’s

Rating: 8 out of 10

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