If you dream about something enough times, then pray for it enough times, then Tweet at Oreo enough times, good things can happen:

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos

Cookie Butter Oreos were only a matter of time…

Instagram user @markie_devo, who preferred to remain anonymous, has all the super secret details. Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos are planned for release in September 2017. Junk Banter has very haphazardly fact-checked and can confirm that these Oreos will be out on September 18th, the week before, the week after, a different time, or never.

One expected retailer is Target, though they will not be exclusive, unless of course they are.

If I squint my eyes to the limits of human capability, it appears that Cookie Butter Oreos will use “graham” cookie wafers and a cookie butter flavored cream. It could also say “cinnamon” cookie, but there’s really no way of knowing. My eyes are blinded with excitement and lust.

I don’t have any other photos, so here’s the same photo with the Dancing Hot Dog filter from Snapchat:

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos

Nabisco Cookie Butter Oreos (Right); Dancing Hot Dog (Left)

And now here he is courting a Strawberry Cake Pop from Starbucks:

See him here invading my personal space at work:

I dreamt of all these things happening.

Dreams really do come true…


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