Seriously, is there anything better than baking? Sampling the ingredients, licking the beaters, savoring the smells out of the oven… these are all things I enjoyed while my Mom labored in the kitchen and I sat there playing Game Boy. Some of my best childhood memories right there, and it’s all thanks to baking.

These days, I enjoy baking with my girlfriend. My recipes start with me falling asleep and dreaming that somebody would actually date me, and further that she would bake me things. Also in this dream, I’m the President and I can fly. All thanks to baking…

Okay, you got me: I don’t bake, guys. It’s too much work and I suck at it. My baking skills max out at “I can heat up Toaster Strudel,” so today we’re baking cupcakes.

Pillsbury Strawberry Shortcake Toaster Strudel

Pillsbury Strawberry Shortcake Toaster Strudel

If you’re wondering why I haven’t reviewed any new Toaster Strudel in over a year, don’t even get me started… But since I’ve already started, let’s talk about it.

Limited edition Toaster Strudel are damn near impossible to find. I’ve been looking for the winter Maple Brown Sugar Toaster Strudel since DECEMBER with no luck. A few weeks ago I finally found them at the same Walmart I’d checked all year, and when I returned after work to buy them, they replaced them all with more Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel from last year.

I found these new Pillsbury Strawberry Shortcake Toaster Strudel at a random store called Redner’s that I’m pretty sure I made up. I’m reviewing a product you’ll never be able to find.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

The unicorns of junk food.

Pillsbury Strawberry Cupcake Toaster Strudel feature a new strawberry flavored icing and some mystery filling that I hear is cake batter flavored. The box doesn’t say for sure.

This flavor may not feel that foreign for Toaster Strudel, but it’s actually pretty unique. Strawberry or another fruit flavor is typically at the center of these things, with a generic sweet icing on top. Consider Strawberry Cupcake the Reverse Toaster Strudel – the strawberry’s now on top,and the sweet filling is on the inside.

The new strawberry icing is on point. It’s a bright, sugary strawberry flavor that tastes like frosting you’d find on a store-bought cupcake, and not some shitty store either. It’s like buttercream and delicious, fake strawberry blended together.

Pillsbury Strawberry Cupcake Toaster Strudel

The browned pastry dough is great as always: buttery, flaky, and fattening. It’s almost croissant-like in texture and taste.

The cream-colored filling inside doesn’t taste like cake batter or anything reminiscent of cupcakes. It DOES taste like the vanilla custard inside a Boston cream donut though. Together with the strawberry icing, it tastes like the strawberry version of a chocolate eclair and I think that’s a pretty fantastic twist perfect for an indulgent summer treat. I can forgive the “cupcake” misnomer because these are actually really well done.

God I’m so good at baking.

Odds You’ll Ever Find These Rating: 1 out of 10
How Good I Am At Flying and Being President Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Interesting comparison, since there are Boston cream toaster strudels. That makes up a little for the fact that I’ll probably never find these :p

    • Junk Male says:

      It’s possible it’s the same exact filling! I don’t get why these things are so impossible to find. It’s like they only make a few, and then hide them in the dumbest stores.

  2. Meredith says:

    I aabsolutely love the strawberry cupcake toaster going to be extremely upset when i cant get these anymore..i love the Boston cream ones too..but with the regular white icing. .not the chocolate icing. .please dont stop making the strawberry cupcake flavored ones..please