Making sure they use EVERY part of the chicken for new shells, Taco Bell follows the Naked Chicken Chalupa with the Naked Egg Taco…

Taco Bell Naked Egg Taco

Taco Bell Naked Egg Taco, photo courtesy 

The Naked Egg Taco features your choice of bacon or sausage with shredded cheese, crispy seasoned potatoes, and nacho cheese sauce all on a fried egg shell (yolk and all).

It comes in a neat little holster so you don’t have to touch this monstrosity, but I couldn’t help myself:

Taco Bell Naked Egg Taco

Taco Bell Naked Egg Taco

As far as utility goes, the egg shell is just as stupid as you’d expect. It’s greasy and it just flops around, however Taco Bell did a good job of binding the ingredients inside it (the cheese sauce does a great job keeping it all in place). I definitely should have used the holster though. My hand was fully lubricated in about two seconds.

As far as taste, Taco Ball’s Naked Egg Taco delivers everything it promises. It neither exceeds expectations nor does it disappoint. The egg shell itself is very straightforward; if it were salted and peppered, I would be more excited for it. The slightly zesty cheese sauce and seasoned potatoes, however, are as delicious as always. I went with sausage over bacon to give it a little more heft, and I’m confident this was the right call.

Texture is where this “taco” suffers most, with lots of soft ingredients and no crunch factor.

If naked things make you uncomfortable, you can also get the whole damn thing wrapped in a gordita flatbread. They call this the Dressed Naked Egg Taco and the flatbread is no additional charge:

Taco Bell Dressed Naked Egg Taco

Dressed Naked Egg Taco

The warm flatbread holds everything together perfectly and is a great way to add about 200 calories. However, it pretty much kills the novelty of the Naked Egg Shell. Taste goes up, novelty comes down.

I chose bacon this time, and it validated my decision that sausage is the better option for a taco. The soft bacon swimming in cheese sauce becomes mush – a delicious, salty mush. Texture is the only issue.

No matter the outcome, I can’t wait to see which dumb thing Taco Bell turns into a shell next.

Burning Questions:

  1. Isn’t the Naked Egg Taco just an omelette with a side of potatoes? Yes.
  2. Isn’t the Dressed Naked Egg Taco just a breakfast burrito? Yes.
  3. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Neither, the chicken faked it.

Place of Purchase: Taco Bell.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Kenny says:

    Would be AWESOME low carb fast food if it wasn’t for the darn potatoes…I guess you can ask them to leave out tho

    • Junk Male says:

      I’m sure you could! If you really wanted to be healthy you could ask for no cheese sauce too. It’s like this wants to be healthy but it’s not quite because of the fat content.