Hungry to hear about candy that comes out 9 months from now? Why wait?

I don’t know who I blew to get these, but Mars Incorporated sent me not one, not two, but THREE limited edition Snickers bars, all of which will debut simultaneously in June 2018 if we’re all still alive by then.

The flavors are Salty & Sweet, Fiery, and Espresso.

These limited edition Snickers will join the existing Hunger Bar campaign that feature various symptoms of hunger on the packaging – you know, the ones with words like “Sleepy,” “Dramatic,” and “Kind of an Asshole” printed right on the label.

The various flavors offer the proposed solution to the hunger symptom on each package.

Snickers Salty & Sweet

Snickers Salty & Sweet

Feeling Indecisive?  The solution is to go both salty & sweet, a logical solution indeed.

Snickers Salty & Sweet features a salted caramel-flavored nougat.

This is your bar if you want a classic Snickers flavor with just a little more oomph. At the very least, the extra salt is noticeable. It has double the sodium of the other two bars, and you’ll pick up on it especially in the aftertaste. It slightly enhances the flavor of both the chocolate and the caramel, but isn’t all that different from a regular Snickers. Snickers is already a little salty & sweet because of the peanuts-on-chocolate formula, after all.

Snickers Espresso

Snickers Espresso

Feeling Irritable?  The solution is but first, coffee.

Snickers Espresso features an espresso-flavored nougat.

You can smell this cup of joe as soon as you open the package. It’s a bold flavor, but a smooth roast as the espresso flavors blends seamlessly with the other components, complimenting them well. The coffee with chocolate has me thinking mocha, while the coffee with caramel has me thinking caramel latte.

Snickers Espresso is an excellent candy bar. This is right up there with the Coffee Nut M&M’s that won Mars’ flavor vote in 2016.

Snickers Fiery

Snickers Fiery

Feeling Wimpy?  The solution is to light yourself on fire, apparently.

Snickers Fiery features a hot pepper-flavored nougat.

The chocolate-with-heat trend still persists according to Mars, but I have to admit I’ve been over it for years. Their Chili Nut M&M’s were pretty dumb, though I do think Mars did a better job with Snickers Fiery. It packs a good kick of spice that initially bypasses the taste buds, instead tickling the back of your throat. But as I chewed and worked through the caramel and nougat, I found the heat to offer some solid contrast against the sweet components. It wasn’t as disjointed as I often find with spiced chocolate.

Or maybe I am just a wimp after all…

The clear winner to me here was Snickers Espresso. Coffee is first, because first, coffee.

Look for all three flavors in grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, and a whole slew of other retailers in June 2018. They’ll be available in both single bars and miniatures stand-up pouches.

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