Years after Halo Top revolutionized the fitness industry by adding protein to ice cream, nothing is safe.

Protein Doughnuts? Check. Protein popcorn? Yep! Protein gummy bears? Lol, why the f*ck not?

Continuing the collective mission to add protein to things that definitely don’t need it, Arts & Crafts now comes with protein too.

Halo Top Gingerbread House

Halo Top Gingerbread House

Halo Top Gingerbread House! I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays than avoiding parties, going to the gym, and then eating low-cal protein ice cream on your couch to avoid eating the mountain of White Fudge Oreos you’re hoarding “just in case.” It’s all the fun of the holiday tradition with none of the effort, mess, or social interaction.

With 20g of protein per pint and absolutely no assembly required, the only house you’ll be building tonight is the one in the mirror. 💪😉

Halo Top Gingerbread House

I look like a tub of ice cream.

Halo Top Gingerbread House has ginger cookie pieces and a vanilla icing swirl. It’s the company’s second seasonal flavor, following the sensational Pumpkin Pie Halo Top that I ranked as one of the company’s top flavors, despite only being available for a limited time.

Isn’t it cruel how the best things in life disappear faster than the walls of a gingerbread house before you even construct the damn thing?


Halo Top Gingerbread House

And here we go again…

Whenever they stop selling Halo Top Gingerbread House (tomorrow probably), it’ll be far too soon.

What a magnificent, wintry blend of warm spice and sweet sugar on this flavor. What’s amazing is how full-bodied the ginger is throughout the base without it even being identified separately in the ingredients. Maybe it’s the immersion of real ginger cookie pieces that lend it by proximity, but man oh man did they nail this.

The ginger cookie pieces are soft and deliver huge flavor despite their small size. Their lack of true texture is a noticeable bummer, but they offer such strong bursts of ginger, cinnamon, and sugar in a combination that is undeniably gingerbread. Thankfully, their frequency is high throughout the container.

The base is sweet with brown sugar and though I can’t SEE the vanilla icing swirl, I taste the familiar frosting you’d use to decorate your gingerbread man’s face, buttons, and penis (grow up). I swear there must be magic or Christmas spirit in here; it’s really delicious by any company’s standards.

Halo Top Gingerbread House

Halo Top Gingerbread House is phenomenal, and kudos to the company for offering a flavor that most mainstream companies aren’t tackling. And sure, it may not bring as much laughter and memories, but let’s be honest… your gingerbread house was gonna look like shit anyway.

Odds Of Completing a Gingerbread House Without Eating the Walls Rating: 1 out of 10
Odds You Eat White Fudge Oreos Later Rating: 8 out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Nutrition for 1/2 Cup: 90 calories, 5g Protein, 17g Carbs, 3.5g Fat, 7g sugar & 6g sugar alcohol. 

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9 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Most of their flavors are pretty darned awesome!! I have to sneak in some low calorie ice cream somewhere, with all the junk food I eat. Lol 😊 I stumbled across Halo top when Shaw’s had a promotion for a free pint and it was unbelievable! Thanks for the review!

    • Junk Male says:

      While I eat plenty of the full fat stuff in moderation, having some Halo around to hit the sweet tooth when you’re trying to keep a tighter diet is a good idea! I’ve already rebought this one 😀

  2. MM says:

    I’ve been waiting for your review and was hoping you would agree with me!!!!!! It is also my fave after candy bar!!!! Maybe a tie!! 😍🙌🏼 Thanks for another awesome review!!!

  3. S says:

    Those protein gummies are a far cry from gummy bears. 😷

  4. Kelly says:

    Giant better get this in like now!

  5. Deanna S says:

    It’s only a matter of time before Protein Oreos and Protein Pop Tarts hit the shelves.

    I could see adding gingerbread cookie crumbles or making a gingerbread cookie ice cream sandwich.