Man, tubes of toothpaste have really changed a lot through the years…

Circa 1970

Circa 2000

Hostess Peppermint Twinkies


Ok, so last year we had White Peppermint Twinkies. They weren’t bad at all, but that peppermint was mixed in with the filling AND then the whole cake was covered in white fudge. Chocolate and peppermint… I totally get it.

This time around? Yeeeeesh.

The new Peppermint Twinkies pair a peppermint cake with the regular cream filling. The Twinkie is a horrific red and, quite frankly, it looks like a bloody tampon.

You hear that just now? That was the sound of everyone who reads the blog leaving at once…

I can hear his footsteps in the distance.

Hostess Peppermint Twinkies

Hostess Peppermint Twinkies

I noshed the red cake first. Imagine a peppermint candy with very little punch, trapped inside a poor excuse for a cake. Like eating a regular Twinkie two minutes after you finished one of those suck-ons.

Peppermint Twinkies are flavored with actual peppermint oil, but I can’t help but feel that the mint should be stronger, and that the Twinkie part shouldn’t exist, period…

No pun intended. 😭

The Twinkie cake’s vanilla-ish flavor is still evident, and it’s just as sticky and tough and rubbery as it always was.

It’s like, a makeover will only take you so far until everyone realizes you’re the same, frumpy piece of cake that you always were.

Hostess Peppermint Twinkies

I mean, the creamy filling doesn’t HURT Peppermint Twinkies – it just makes them taste even more like regular Twinkies. It would have helped a lot if the cream were minty too.

So, Hostess Peppermint Twinkies aren’t the worst thing out there, but they don’t deliver well on what they promise. You set your eyes on that bright red peppermint cake and, after cringing a bit, you expect a strong peppermint flavor. The red peppermint cake just feels like Hostess showing us that they figured out how to do something.

Something they aren’t that good at.

The Evolution of Toothpaste Tubes Rating: 4 out of 10
Referencing Menstruation In a Food Review Rating: 0 out of 1
Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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3 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    Not sure I can accept mint with cake, and mint with a Twinkie seems doubly weird.

    • Junk Male says:

      I have a similar reservation. I think chocolate cake with mint added is easier for me to grasp.

  2. chrissie says:

    I feel like these are so heavily saturated in red dye it would stain your teeth! I had the white fudge peppermint Twinkies
    last year and they were recalled for traces of Salmonella I think. I somehow survived.

    You are right in the sense that Twinkies just can’t do anything right. What they should do is spiralize a Twinkie, so that it looks like a curly fry, and then call them Slinkies.

    Anyways, bloody good review! lolol (i’m having a slow morning at work )