Have you ever starting baking cookies, got hungry while you were waiting, ate so much candy you didn’t even want the cookies, but then ate the cookies anyway?

Let’s just get to that same point a little faster…

Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread Truffles

Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread Truffles

New Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread truffles!

What’s more Christmas than gingerbread cookies AND some rogue LINDOR truffles sunken at the bottom of your stocking? I’ll tell you what is: nothing. One of my favorite Christmas tradition was digging through all those boring, non-edible stocking stuffers to get to the Lindt LINDOR truffles that Mom stuffed on the bottom.  She sure knew how to satisfy my fat little ass.

These truffles are so f*cking Christmas I almost can’t stand it. But I will stand it, because Santa’s coming!

Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread Truffles

And I must have been good this year, because these Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread Truffles are fun as hell. They have gingerbread cookie pieces infused inside a milk chocolate shell, all surrounding a gingerbread truffle filling.

The tagline for Lindt LINDOR truffles is “Irresistibly Smooth,” and they ain’t lyin’. The milk chocolate shell is so sweet and milky and delicious; there’s a reason these are a perennial holiday favorite.

Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread Truffles

The gingerbread filling is appropriately spiced – so much so that I temporarily forgot this was a chocolate product at its core. It tastes of cinnamon and accompanying winter spices, all delivered through a rich, melty truffle filling that’s so merry and cheerful to eat. It’s a very cool new way to experience gingerbread flavor, and the chocolate shell combines wonderfully. Why haven’t I covered gingerbread cookies in chocolate before?

The gingerbread cookies are a nice touch to texture, but their low density is the only thing holding these back from being a perfect Christmas candy. They cookie bits are a pleasant tease, but a tease… like getting that new Mario game for Nintendo Switch, but then your Mom tells you they were sold out of consoles. At least it’s coming later, right?

In spite of this, Lindt LINDOR Gingerbread Truffles are outstanding. I ate a whole mess of them and gave myself a nice Santa Claus stomach ache with absolutely no regrets.

Oh, and my cookies are finally done!

Burning Questions:

  1. What kind of cookies did you make? Oreos.
  2. What’s your favorite Lindt LINDOR Truffle? Those stupid Citrus ones.
  3. What’s your favorite Christmas candy? Santa!

Place of Purchase: CVS

Rating: 9 out of 10

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