When I’m drunk watching the big game and ask to see a menu for the what probably won’t be the last time of the evening, I find my fingers usually end up pointing in the direction of mozzarella sticks, french fries, or potato skins. Basically anything fried with cheese and potatoes.

This new Ruffles flavor will allow me to experience similar bliss from the comfort of my couch.

Ruffles Mozzarella ‘N Marinara

Ruffles Mozzarella 'N Marinara

Ruffles Mozzarella ‘N Marinara

Ruffles Mozzarella ‘N Marinara, aka mozzarella stick flavored potato chips, are here for a limited time only. This is the closest I’ll ever get to mozzarella stick french fries, until I eventually realize that mozzarella sticks are already that.

Ruffles pretty much nailed the Mozzarella ‘N Marinara chips. The tomato, mozzarella, and spices come together to give that mozzarella stick flavor right down to the fried breading. The tangy tomato flavor, coupled with the herbs and spices, is a great representation of marinara dipping sauce. It’s not especially bold, but it’s incredibly accurate.

They’ve certainly got the grease component covered too.

Ruffles Mozzarella 'N Marinara

The chips also use familiar seasoning ingredients like onion powder and garlic powder, so these do still taste like potato chips, which they are. My favorite thing is that the ingredients say “Spices (including Parsley)”, as if they’re particularly proud that they used parsley. Great job, guys!

I love these chips, and they should get me through Drunken March Madness just fine.

Burning Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite college basketball team? The Syracuse Mozzarella Sticks.
  2. Are these better than Ruffles All DressedI’m too drunk to remember.
  3. Isn’t that your job? …who you callin’ “stupid”?!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Place of Purchase: Safeway

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