Valentine’s Day is upon us, and Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates is back! Please find our review from 2017 republished below:

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” ~ Forrest Gump.

“Ice cream is life.” ~ Everyone. 

Ohhh I see what they did here:

Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates Ice Cream

Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates Ice Cream

Normally with a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. But with Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates, you know exactly what you’re gonna get because they tell you: dark chocolate raspberry truffles, milk chocolate butter bourbon caramel truffles, and dark chocolate salted caramel truffles, all of it folded into milk chocolate ice cream.

Life has never been so fattening and glorious.

Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates has released before with different mix-ins. The current iteration places heavy emphasis on truffles and caramel, but really has all the essentials. We’ve got some fruit, we’ve got some booze, and we’ve got two different kinds of chocolate – a milk base and dark candies. It’s an innovative and playful release appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Or in my case… just another Wednesday evening where the only woman I talk to will be the one who delivers my Chinese food.

Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates Ice Cream

“Did you really need twelve egg rolls?”

The milk chocolate base in Turkey Hill Gertrude Box of Chocolate is… well, it’s chocolate ice cream. Very smooth and creamy with a tasty chocolate profile. It may not blow you away but it absolutely gets the job done. Besides, I’m quite used to not getting blown on Valentine’s Day… in any direction.

It’s the trio of truffles that make this ice cream worthy of your money. Each is respectable in size and their frequency is high. The truffle centers are rich and the filling oozes out when you bite into them.

The dark chocolate raspberry truffle tastes like jelly ring candies (a criminally underrated treat). The milk chocolate brown butter bourbon caramels are buttery and sweet. They fall short of being distinctly boozy, but there’s still a certain bite to them. The dark chocolate salted caramel truffles are exactly as advertised with a salty node that feels fancy.

Turkey Hill Gertude Hawk Box of Chocolates

Turkey Hill Gertude Hawk Box of Chocolates

The execution is better than I anticipated for Turkey Hill Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates. Though the milk chocolate base could be a little richer, it’s a really fun experience mining for your next truffle without knowing for certain which one you’ll get. The candies are delicious and offer contrast that ranges from sweet to salty to fruity to almost-boozy. This is everything that a box of chocolates should be.

Fattening and glorious.

Fattening Rating: 8 out of 10
Glorious Rating: 8 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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  1. Liz Limper says:

    Not sure why my Box Of Chocolates Icecream had a gritty consistency. Almost like eating sand.

    • Junk Male says:

      Did you just eat it recently? If so check the expiration. This was on shelf way back at the start of 2017 and anything out there isn’t fresh. Wonder if the package was compromised at all.

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