I’ve never seen the show Nailed It! on Netflix, but apparently it’s a show where really bad bakers like you and me f*ck up the cakes they’re supposed to make and produce some hilarious baking fails. Sometimes, they’re delicious anyway and somebody wins.

Also sometimes, I get high and mix whatever I have in my snack cabinet together and eat it.

Hey, shit happens!

Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happens

Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens

Ben & Jerry’s newest “limited botch” flavor doesn’t sound like a botch to me!

Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happens is another partnership with Netflix following on the heels of Netflix & Chillld. It mixes smooth chocolate ice cream with fudge chips and a new crunchy potato chip swirl – a real case of the munchies.

Honestly, it sounds like the only fail here is gonna be my diet…

Nailed It!

The description actually calls it a “cold mess of chocolate ice cream”, which is how they referred to me at every parent-teacher conference in grade school.

There aren’t that many components to break down in Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happens, so let’s break down all three with too many words.

Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens

Though the description offers zero indication, you can’t convince me that this chocolate ice cream isn’t different than Ben & Jerry’s typical chocolate. One way I’m sure it’s different, aside from it tasting totally better, is its color. It’s very noticeably lighter than the darker brown seen in other Ben & Jerry’s pints, which I can confirm merely by looking through my current selection in the freezer because, well… that’s how fat guys live. I find this chocolate smoother, sweeter, and milkier. It turns something I wouldn’t care about into a strength.

The fudge chips are smaller than usual, but plentiful. They’ve become such a staple in Ben & Jerry’s pints that I sometimes roll my eyes at them. However, I really enjoy them paired with the next component.

The component of all components.

Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens

Guys, this crunchy potato ship swirl is one of the most impressive, dare I say one of the best accomplishments Ben & Jerry’s has ever produced.

The potato chip swirl is so perfectly salty and potato chippy that I can’t quite comprehend it. They managed to preserve (or recreate) so much crunch that it’s truly absurd. If you were worried they’d be soggy, you can kiss that concern goodbye. The swirl alone makes this a very worthy purchase, but pairing it with some fudge chips brings back the fondest memories of those Lay’s chocolate-covered potato chips they sold a few years ago.

Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens

Guys, Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happens is remarkable. It could stand to have one more “fun” mix-in to drive it over the top (how incredible would this be if they paired this potato chip swirl with that fantastic pretzel swirl from Glampfire Trail Mix to make a salty-savory duo?) Instead, they chose to keep things simple and place a rightful spotlight on the potato chip swirl.

Look for this “limited botch” flavor at grocery stores near you, and catch new episodes of “Nailed It” on who gives a shit?

Burning Questions:

  1. Is that really a picture of you on the right? It might as well be.
  2. How did they make the chips so crunchy? I DON’T KNOW!
  3. How does it compare to Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Snack”? This one stays in character.

Place of Purchase: Harris Teeter

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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