Finally, brownies that melt in your mouth and not in your hands!!

…and, maybe I should stop clutching brownies in my pockets all the time!!

Fudge Brownie M&M’s

Fudge Brownie M&M's

For this recipe you will need:

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Fudge Brownie M&M’s

Forget everything you thought you knew about brownies because brownies are now bite-sized candy-coated chocolate balls, according to the newest recipe from Mars.

In its sharing size bag, this recipe serves six to eight one.

Fudge Brownie M&M's

Fudge Brownie M&M’s might sound a little silly at first. Chocolate-flavored chocolate? 🤨 I mean don’t get me wrong, I would eat an M&M stuffed with M&M’s Minis and not complain about it for a second. But after filling them with actual pretzels, caramel, and hazelnut spread through the years, I’m wondering how a “fudge brownie” filling is going to work when it clearly isn’t stuffed with actual brownies.

At the current rate food technology is evolving, we’re at least… 6 months away from that happening.

Fudge Brownie M&M's

But what I can tell you about the Fudge Brownie M&M’s filling is that it rules. And together with the M&M’s chocolate and candy-coated shell, it all rules. These things rule.

The first thing to take note of is the size. Fudge Brownie M&M’s are big and round; I suspect they’re the same size or even a little larger than the Caramel M&M’s. The fudge brownie filling at the core has such a rich, chewy trait that feels similar to its caramel sister, though this chocolate version isn’t as sticky. It honest to God tastes way more like brownies than I ever thought possible, though if I’m nitpicking, it could be a little saltier.

Guys… this new no-bake, no-mess, no-effort brownie recipe is the

Burning Questions:

  1. I went to and it’s not a real website. Fine,…
  2. It says under construction.
  3. Page failed to load. JUST BUY THESE M&M’S.

Place of Purchase: Walmart

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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