I’m going to level with you guys:

I can’t stare at my screen any longer, at this blank WordPress template, and try to think of something funny or interesting about key lime pie.

I gave up and Googled “funny key lime pie” jokes, putting all my eggs into the basket that the Internet at large is more creative than I am. Fortunately I was right about them being more creative, but unfortunately I was also right that they weren’t funny:

1) Key Lime pie, $2/slice in Jamaica, $1.50/slice in the Bahamas…
These are the Pie Rates of the Caribbean.
2) I drive around and sell pies, Key Lime for $6 and Pecan Pie for $8… 
These are the pie rates of the car I be in.
My only takeaways here?
As far as comedy goes, Key Lime is the Carrot Top of pies and I am the Gallagher of food bloggers. 

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M’s

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M's

My only job, therefore, is to smash these new White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M’s and tell you how they are.

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M's

The White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M’s are of the “these are huge” variety, with pieces offered in white, dark green and light green. As you can guess by the name, it’s a big hunk of white chocolate with key lime pie flavoring added to that, and then all wrapped in the iconic candy shell.

They’re available in the smaller Share Size packs at some convenience stores and in the larger bags at some local groceries and retailers like Target.

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M's

While key lime pie is far from my personal favorite, what I really like about these White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M’s is the balance. I still taste a lot of the creamy white chocolate coming through before I detect the key lime pie flavor. And when the lime comes, it adds a nice tart bite that’s more authentic to its intended flavor than a lot of other M&M’s. The lime flavor becomes more subtle as you eat several, but still remains prominent. It doesn’t have much of a graham or crust-type flavor, yet still somehow tastes more pie-like than most artificial limes.

They’re actually quite refreshing.

…I’ve got nothing else to say.

Hey, what’s a locksmith’s favorite food?

Burning Questions:

  1. Turkey? Try again.
  2. Key limeNope!
  3. Key Lime Pie!!! No. We were looking for “gnocchi.”

Place of Purchase: Sheetz

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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  1. Christian says:

    No thank you I don’t like the high amount of artificial colors and flavors including corn syrup this stuff is bad for you by the way!