Ya know, I never realized I was in the market for more crunch in my chips…

…until I found myself literally inside of the market and directly in front of these new Ruffles Double Crunch chips.

Ruffles Double Crunch

Ruffles Double Crunch

It’s a well-known fact that chips with ruffles are twice as good as regular chips, so are Double Crunch Ruffles twice as good as regular Ruffles?

Seems impossible, but I’m willing to get twice as fat to find out.

If these don’t sound intriguing to you at all, hang on just a minute. These aren’t twice as crunchy because they have twice as many ridges… no no. These are Ruffles chips that have been kettle-cooked to obtain their double crunch.

And since kettle-cooked chips are also twice as good as regular chips, these might be the first chips that are 4x better than themselves…

Are you following me, guys? These chips could be octuple as addicting!

Ruffles Double Crunch Hot Wings

Ruffles Double Crunch Hot Wings

So Hot Wings Ruffles have definitely existed multiple times before, including one instance of Ruffles Deep Ridged Hot Wings, which may or may not be the same thing as these. But I can say that kettle-cooking Ruffles makes all the difference (or at least double the difference).

The supersonic double crunch combined with the grease of the chip really give off that wonderful sensation of biting into some crispy, juicy, deep fried chicken wing skin.

The seasoning is also spot on. Start with a salt & vinegar chip and then add some heat. Onion and garlic are both here, but the real kicker comes from the chicken broth, chicken powder, and chicken fat  to reallllly make these taste like hot wings.

While hot wing chips are nothing new, these have superior execution and prove an outstanding flavor for this Double Crunch experiment.

Chicken Powder Rating: 4 out of 10
Chicken Fat Rating: 10 out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Ruffles Double Crunch Zesty Cheddar

Ruffles Double Crunch Zesty Cheddar

Unlike the Hot Wings version, the Ruffles Zesty Cheddar Double Crunch is a completely new seasoning for the Ruffles brand.

I immediately confirm that the kettle-cooked Ruffles are a successful texture for most chips, and I can also confirm that Zesty Cheddar is a very good seasoning, period.

A cheddar flavor for Ruffles is usually accompanied by heavy sour cream, but this time we have a complex accompaniment of buttermilk, spices, garlic and fresh pepper. Cheese remains the star while sour cream remains in the background, and fresh vegetables and a bit more kick round out the profile.

I was expecting more of a “zesty” heat or horseradish, but I can say confidently that I prefer what’s here on the Double Crunch than your traditional cheddar & sour cream.

Double Crunch Rating: 9 out of 10
How Many Double Chins I Will Grow Rating: 2x out of 10
Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Ruffles Double Crunch

I hope crunchy chips keep evolving until they are so crunchy that our teeth just shatter, and then pudding has to evolve so that they offer Hot Wings and Zesty Cheddar puddings since we have no teeth.

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2 Responses

  1. Jpizzle says:

    I dreamt the same utopia for such a xx crunchy chip…but was left with a stale like textured crunch on the zesty’s. They tasted cheddary okay on my batch, but nothing zesty at all. (Live 10 minutes from a frito lay)

  2. Clare says:

    Where can I find these?

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