REVIEW: Pecan Pie M&M’s

Quick, name your favorite pie! According to this pie chart on pies, you most likely said “apple” or “pumpkin.” But somewhere in the distant shadows of these perrenial powerhouses is the glorious pecan pie. A traditional pecan pie features crunchy pecans binded together with a sweet & sticky glue made out of butter, brown sugar, syrup, and vanilla. This gooey crack is then baked into a flaky & buttery crust. With the exception of the Deep South, we typically reserve pecan pie for Thanksgiving here in the States like a bunch of amateurs.

Thankfully for us, the M&M’s brand has prematurely shot their wad and has simultaneously released all of their fall flavors an entire season too early. Representing fall as a whole, we were blessed with the new Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s (which we reviewed!). Representing Halloween, we’ve already seen the return of an old favorite: Candy Corn M&M’s. And finally… representing Thanksgiving, we were delighted to discover the new Pecan Pie M&M’s!


The M&M’s brand should be applauded for trying to navigate mostly unchartered waters with these Pecan Pie M&M’s. A fall staple, pecan pie hasn’t been turned into seasonal junk food by any mainstream snack company with the exception of the Pringles brand. Pecan Pie Pringles were a novel idea, but nobody liked them due to the fact that they were Pecan Pie Pringles. Pecan Pie M&M’s make a whole lot of sense on paper. Though I’ve gone on the record saying I’ve been burned by limited edition M&M’s before, I was ecstatic to find these after M&M’s took a huge leap forward with their pumpkin spice latte M&M’s. Would these Pecan Pie M&M’s make them 2-for-2 this fall? (Editor’s Note: Fall does not begin until September 23rd, 2015)

Not exactly. When you bite into these Pecan Pie M&M’s, you get a quick jab from a roasted nut flavor. I can’t be certain it’s that of pecans, but it’s got an earthy undertone that I can convince myself is pecan. Savor this flavor, people, because it’s gone in a hurry. The flavors quickly normalize to that of the standard milk chocolate M&M. What’s worse, the second M&M tastes even less like pecan as the milk chocolate aftertaste from the first M&M permeates your palate and washes away any new flavors coming at it. By the third M&M, I couldn’t taste any difference at all. To fully appreciate this specialty flavor, you’d have to wait about a minute or two between M&M’s and ain’t nobody got time for that. (I’ve been doing it for the last hour and a half.)

I tried and tried to pick apart the flavors I was experiencing in that tiny little window, which required me to eat half the bag. If anything, I’m getting something that reminds me of caramel. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not exactly what was intended.

I’m quickly realizing how difficult pecan pie must be to recreate artificially. The most prominent ingredients in a pecan pie filing are various forms of sugar (corn syrup, brown sugar), and M&M’s milk chocolate is already plenty sweet. This makes it challenging to notice any subtle distinctions between the sweetening agents. The candy coated outside isn’t the best vehicle to replicate any sense of buttery pie crust. I can’t help but wonder if the use of white chocolate would have added a creamy, decadent element like when a pie is topped with whipped cream. Or why not put some actual pecan bits inside to ensure some lasting flavor other than milk chocolate?


If you’re a big fan of milk chocolate M&M’s, you’re placing a safe bet with these Pecan Pie M&M’s. You’re not going to love them or hate them. You’re either going to like them slightly more or slightly less, since they are largely similar. I guess I will just have to wait until Thursday, November 26th like a schmuck to enjoy a true taste of pecan pie.

How Much of the Bag I Ate to Identify the Flavors Rating: 5 out of 10
Pairs Well With Turkey & Gravy Rating: Undetermined out of 10 (I’ll let you know on Nov 26th)
Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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    […] pie flavors are difficult to capture in a candy. See: Pecan Pie M&Ms. To recreate all elements of a pie – the complex ingredients in the fillings, the buttery […]