REVIEW: Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts vs. Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. Which side are you on? Both are delicious breakfast pastries, but perfect substitutes they are not. The most commonly cited difference is that Pillsbury Toaster Strudel is one needy breakfast. They require a lot more attention, as they must be frozen until ready to eat, must be heated to enjoy, and demand that we apply our own icing OURSELVES. Who am I, Emeril Lagasse?


As a fat kid constantly in danger of missing the school bus, I found myself grabbing the quicker and easier Kellogg’s Pop Tarts nine times out of ten. I couldn’t risk having to run down the block because I spent a few extra minutes applying my own icing like Chef Gordon Ramsey. Acceleration wasn’t my strongest suit as a somewhat obese child. But whenever I had the time to endure this arduous process, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel rewarded me for my effort. In my opinion, they’re of considerably higher quality than Kellogg’s Pop Tarts.

reviewed Kellogg’s Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts and found them to be quite satisfying. I now have the opportunity to provide a completely unqualified analysis on which pumpkin pastry is better since I found these limited edition Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel pastries.


Don’t make fun of my icing.

I ran mine through the toaster about one and half cycles like some sort of Chef Bobby Flay. When you apply the icing from the packet to this steaming hot pumpkin pocket, it melts instantly. That’s fine, I’ll just eat it faster. The first few bites from the outside edge have no pumpkin filling. The dough is light, soft, and flaky. Unlike the mostly flavorless Kellogg’s Pop Tart pastry, this pastry is packed with buttery goodness. Its taste reminds me of fried dough, like with a funnel cake or Italian zeppole. It’s pretty wonderful.

When you get to the filling of the Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel, it literally oozes out. It’s warm, gooey, and runny – a description that should turn you off instantly. Don’t let it. The filling tastes much more like pumpkin pie than with the Pop Tarts. Cinnamon leads the pack in the pumpkin pie spice blend. The rest of the spices aren’t entirely discernible, but the overall experience evokes pumpkin pie. Since nobody cares, let’s just go with nutmeg.

The pastries use real pumpkin puree, but when combined with the sweet vanilla icing, you might crave a little more pumpkin. Personally? I really dug this filling. The real bummer here is that the filling is condensed to a tight little pocket in the center. Since the pastry is relatively small to begin with, the entire experience is over pretty quickly. I just wish we had more time together.


Gettin sexy with it.

Look, I would still opt for the extremely more portable and convenient Kellogg’s Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts more often than not. But these Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel pastries capture the essence of pumpkin pie a lot better. Since we’re not in danger of missing the school bus tonight, I can safely give these a slightly higher rating.

In summary, preparing a Toaster Strudel makes me feel like a regular Chef Boyardee.

Difficulty Catching the School Bus When You’re Fat Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Difficulty Driving a School Bus With Me On It Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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3 Responses

  1. I love the comparison between the pop tarts and toaster streudals! I’ve always wondered which variety is better. Pop tarts seem more popular. Possibly because they are more convenient and come in a lot more flavors. But from the looks of it toaster streudals seem to be of better quality as you mentioned. What is your favorite flavor of each (the pop tart and toaster strudel)

    • Junk Male says:

      I can’t say I’ve ever actually witnessed a household that stocked Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. I know mine never did growing up, and I don’t stock either of them today. I always loved S’mores Pop Tarts as a kid. The new Gone Nutty! PB&J flavor is awesome! I don’t have a great background in Toaster Strudel, but I think the Apple is a classic.

  1. September 23, 2015

    […] The frosted parts of these cinnamon rolls are pumpk-incredible. The problem here is there isn’t enough icing to go around. The bottom 2/3rds of these gigantic cinnamon rolls will not see the likes of your pumpkin icing, because you couldn’t stop yourself from devouring the surface area of the top portion. Left on its own, the cinnamon roll doesn’t quite have enough cinnamon sweetness to be anything other than a solid, biscuity base. I remedied this by eating five cinnamon roll tops, and I feel like I am a better (bigger) man for it. Overall, however, I’d stick with the Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel. […]