Pancakes. Waffles. French Toast. Maple Syrup out of a Glass.

These are all some of the greatest breakfasts on the planet, and the magical ingredient that makes them outstanding is maple syrup. Maple syrup is basically the blood of maple trees that runs through a bunch of production processes that transform it into a delicious breakfast sauce, dessert topping, and body lotion. But what if you’re not in the mood for such a heavy meal all the time? Though unconfirmed, science suggests that sometimes we need to eat healthier alternatives in smaller portions if we want to have a reasonable chance at surviving to see our children mature. Greek Yogurt must be the answer, because everybody keeps saying it’s healthy. “UGH but it’s so sour!” It doesn’t have to be. Today we’re going to throw caution to the wind and add maple syrup to our Greek yogurt, thanks to the new limited batch Chobani Maple Blended Greek Yogurt.


I have to admit that I’m not so sure about this one. It’s not unfathomable that it could work brilliantly given how honey is a fine pairing with Greek yogurt. But Chobani Maple Blended does sound a little funky, no? It’s equal parts reckless, adventurous, and lazy. I am all of these things every single day, so who better to let you know whether or not it works. If successful, we can all start dumping as much maple syrup into our plain Greek yogurts when this winter Limited Batch flavors disappears in favor of spring seasonals. By the way, the other winter is Limited Batch Chobani Apple Cinnamon. But I’ll eat fruit when I’m dead – today is all about maple syrup.


Chobani Maple Blended is of the 2% milkfat variety. The world eagerly awaits the release of a 100% milkfat variety. Straight maple syrup is the 4th ingredient listed here behind low fat yogurt, evaporated cane juice, and water. This would explain the 17g of sugar per 150-calorie cup, a sugar ratio that is a touch higher than Chobani’s Blended yogurts. Nothing else about the ingredient list is cause for excitement, unless you’re a really huge fan of locust bean gum. Are you…?


Maybe it needs more locust bean gum. As is, I’m not much of a fan of Chobani Maple Blended Greek yogurt. The maple flavor is faint at best, and what’s there doesn’t work for me. This flavor maintains all the tangy sourness of plain Greek yogurt. The maple syrup kind of clashes with it rather than downplaying it. It feels almost as if maple syrup was used as a cover-up act gone awry.

There’s really not much else to say about Chobani Maple Blended Greek Yogurt because it’s so straightforward. There was only one flavor added, and I didn’t care for it. Now, I will let you know straight up that I don’t mind the sourness of plain Greek Yogurt – I eat it often. And Chobani does make a superior Greek Yogurt – the thickness, the creamy texture, the macros… all of it. But Chobani Maple Blended didn’t feature a maple twist strongly enough, and I’m not exactly confident that I would want more of it either. Maybe maple syrup isn’t the perfect addition to everything, after all. Stick to maple syrup out of a glass if you’re craving maple syrup. Or just have a McJunkBanter.

How Much Maple Syrup Is Flowing Through My Veins Constantly: 7.5 out of 10
Locust Bean Gum Rating: 3.5 out of 10
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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2 Responses

  1. Chobani Maple Yogurt is my new favorite. I think the Maple and yogurt blend is wonderful.

  2. Mary Ann Novetske says:

    I want to know when the maple is coming back. It’s incredible.
    When is it coming back.